Hang Out with Some Pups While Charging up at SXSW

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Hang Out with Some Pups While Charging up at SXSW Listen to this article

It seems as if SXSW is in FULL SWING this week, as there’s plenty of news to go around regarding the very popular event!

If you attended SXSW last year you might’ve run out of battery for your devices once or twice and found yourself looking for places to plug in. Sophie, a brand I love actually did the crowds a great (and cute) service with their #mophieRescue team of St. Bernards down in Austin, Texas. Well, guess what? They are BACK!

The #mophieRescue Team is there when you need them at SXSW, from noon to 6pm on March 11th through the 13th, cruising around sporting the latest mophie power reserve so you won’t ever have to go without a charge up. And just to think, not only will you be able to charge up, the cute dogs in motorcycle side cars will be there to pet and hang out with throughout the day as well!.

ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4


Cruising around helping you fuel up, isn’t the only good cause happening at SXSW as the #mophieRescue Team is actually there to build awareness for the St. Bernard Rescue Foundation to help the adorable pups find loving homes and families. So in an effort to celebrate the teams return to SXSW, on top of a new partnership with Indian Motorcycle (which is what they will be cruising in), a 2016 mope Edition Indian Scout Sixty will be given to ONE lucky winner if you head over to the Bad to the Bone Bar at SXSW, or online at www.mophie.com/mophierescue.

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