The Olala Apple MFi Certified Power Bank is Convenient for On-The-Go Juice

The Olala S100-i is a mobile power bank with a built-in Apple MFi certified lighting cable. With 13,000 mAh battery capacity, it’s slightly larger than a wallet, so you can toss it in your travel bag and carry around enough juice to last the whole day. Read on for a coupon code to buy the S100-i for $31.99!

Olala S100-i Cover

The S100-i is a truly convenient piece of hardware, as it weighs only 0.65 lbs while measuring 5.43 inches long by 3.07 inches wide by 0.90 inches deep. It’s the perfect size to fit inside your travel bag or even a jacket pocket. It’s just a little too large to fit inside a pants pocket without being uncomfortable.

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The built-in Apple MFi certified lighting cable is a huge bonus, as this reduces the number of additional USB cables you need to carry around with you. It’s pretty annoying walking around with a mobile charger as well as a loose USB cable. The fact that it’s Apple MFi Certified guarantees that the charger will work with your Apple devices. The built-in lightning cable outputs power at 1.0A, which is typical for mobile phone chargers. The Olala S100-i has an additional USB output at 2.4A, which would be good for tablets or other larger devices. With the built-in lighting cable and the additional USB output, you’re able to charge up to two devices at once.

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The power bank is charged using a separate microUSB cable, which is included with the S100-i. In order to charge the power bank, you’ll need to plug it into a computer or a separate USB wall adapter. That’s my biggest complaint with the Olala power bank; I wish it came with a USB wall adapter for charging.

The internal battery is a lithium-ion battery with 13,000 mAh capacity. That’s enough juice to charge my iPhone 6 Plus almost 4.5 times! It’s very convenient not to have to worry about recharging your power bank all the time.

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There are four blue LED indicator lights on the front of the Olala power bank that indicate how much juice is left in the tank, which is helpful information on-the-go. Otherwise, the design of Olala’s S100-i is fairly simple, with a stylish black matte coating encompassing the entire power bank. There is a power button in one of the corners, and the built-in lighting cable, USB-out jack, and microUSB-in jack are all located on the bottom side.

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My only other complaint with the Olala S100-i is that the built-in lighting cable is fairly short. It’s only about 2 inches long, which does not provide much flexibility between the device it’s charging and the power bank itself. However, at least you have the standard USB-out jack if you want to use a longer cable.

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Overall, the Olala S100-i Apple MFi certified power bank is a really convenient way to charge your mobile devices on the go. It’s got enough capacity to last all day and charge your devices multiple times, while still being small and light enough to carry with you in a small bag. Plus, the built-in lighting cable reduces the number of USB cables you need to carry with you.

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The generous folks at Olala have provided Gear Diary readers with a coupon code to save $4 off of the normal price of $35.99 on Amazon. Head over to the Amazon product page and simply enter the following coupon code at checkout: N8OIH8UR.

Source: The Olala Apple MFi Certified 13,000 mAh Power Bank was a manufacturer supplied review sample.

What I Like: Convenient, built-in lighting cable; Huge battery capacity; Small size makes it easy to travel with.

What Needs Improvement: Short lighting cable; Does not come with USB AC adapter.

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