Charge Your Apple Watch in Style with the HoverDock

Since the Apple Watch has been updated to include Nightstand Mode, there are many new options for charging the watch overnight. I recently was able to review the HoverDock by Just Mobile which retails for $34.95. Basically, it is a minimalist way to charge the Apple Watch while using it in Nightstand Mode. Let’s take a look.

At first look, the HoverDock appears to be a simple puck-like device, but when an Apple Watch charging cable is added, it becomes a fun and functional charger. There is no charging cable included, so that will need to be provided, but the end result is a great product. I will walk you through the basics of installing the cable and show the end result. It only takes a couple of minutes to set up.


Like I stated earlier, the HoverDock is a puck like stand that is pretty no nonsense. It consists of two parts when you pull the bottom off. It will store excess cord in the bottom once installed by simply rotating the bottom piece. To get started, snap the charging portion of the cable into the small ridge on the inside of the dock.


Once the charging port is in place, simply wrap excess cable inside the HoverDock and replace the bottom piece. There is a small groove where the cable comes out to make sure it sits flat.


If the cable needs to be longer or shorter, simply twist the black bottom piece so that it either winds tighter or lets more cable out. It is nice to not have a bunch of extra cable left over and gives the dock a nice, classy look.


Once the cable is installed, simply set the watch on the dock with the digital crown facing upward. The magnet will hold the watch in place and Nightstand Mode will turn on. The watch does look nice “hovering” in place with the landscape clock turned on. Make sure you have Nightstand Mode enabled on your watch. The feature can be turned on and off from the iPhone app under General settings.


The HoverDock has found a permanent place on my nightstand and charges my watch every night. It looks great and charges my watch easily. I find myself tapping the phone to check the time if I wake up. The dock is well made and does have an Apple style feel with the silver metal base. For $34.95, it is an inexpensive and attractive way to charge and utilize the Nightstand feature of your Apple Watch.


Source: Manufacturer provided review sample

What I like: Simple, yet, attractive way to use the Nightstand Mode while charging my watch

What could be improved: Including a charging cable would, of course, be nice


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