Leesa and ArtLifting Team Up to Offer Limited Edition Mattress for a Good Cause

In a very innovative partnership, Leesa, one of the first and leading online mattress companies, has partnered with ArtLifting, an online marketplace that allows disabled, homeless, and other disadvantaged artists to sell their artwork.  Together, the two have launched a retail storefront in SoHo, NYC called The Leesa Dream Gallery, a combined mattress store and art gallery.


The Limited Edition Leesa X ArtLifting Mattress

Leesa teamed up with ArtLifting not only on this neat retail store concept, but they’ve also partnered with Scott Benner, an ArtLifting artist, to come out with a limited edition mattress designed by Benner himself. Benner developed Horner’s Syndrome in 2012 and was left jobless and homeless after a series of unfortunate events.  Scott is one of the many artists who are able to sell their artwork through ArtLifting who may not have that opportunity through other means. A portion of the proceeds of the Limited Edition Leesa X ArtLifting Mattress will go to support ArtLifting.

The Leesa Dream Gallery is unlike any other mattress store in the world; there are no pushy salespeople, which allows its guests to naturally experience Leesa’s mattresses while also being able to appreciate, and purchase, beautiful artwork created by undiscovered artists.

Dream Gallery Image 2

The Leesa Dream Gallery

Liz Powers, co-founder of ArtLifting had this to say about the partnership: “ArtLifting’s goal is to help hidden talents become visible, and we are thrilled to partner with Leesa to showcase the inspiring talent of our artists. As two for-profit, for-purpose companies, we are thrilled to work together to create opportunity and change lives.”

Leesa is already known as one of the most philanthropic organizations in the sleep business; they already give one mattress to a homeless shelter for every ten mattresses sold, as part of their One-Ten program. Leesa’s mattresses are 100% American-made and are delivered directly to the consumers’ doors with free shipping. They offer a 100-night risk-free trial with no-hassle returns if you don’t love your sleep.


The Limited Edition Leesa X ArtLifting Mattress

If you want to experience the mattresses that are currently rated higher than all of its direct-to-consumer competitors, you’ve got to head over to The Leesa Dream Gallery at 112 Wooster Street in SoHo, New York. You can also check it out online at Leesa.com/dream-gallery. Stay tuned to Gear Diary, for more Leesa coverage, as we hope to have a review of the Leesa mattress coming soon!

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