ThermoWorks IR Gun Thermometers Are Perfect for Many Uses

An accurate IR (infrared) Gun thermometer like the ones made by ThermoWorks can be an invaluable tool for a number of different activities. An IR Gun thermometer measures surface temperatures from a distance, so it’s great for the kitchen and BBQ, HVAC repair, construction, and maintenance. ThermoWorks offers a range of accurate IR Gun thermometers starting at $69.00.

ThermoWorks IR Gun Thermometers Are Perfect for Many Uses

The moment I realized I needed an IR Gun thermometer was when I started cooking in a wood-fired pizza oven, and the bottom of my pizzas kept burning before the top was cooked. The ThermoWorks IRK-2 IR Gun thermometer helped me achieve the right balance because I was able to determine the perfect floor temperature for me, and it brought my pizza to the next level.

I tried using my Thermapen IR, but the maximum temperature the Thermapen IR can read is 662F, while the perfect pizza oven floor temperature starts around 750F.

ThermoWorks IR Gun Thermometers Are Perfect for Many UsesThermoWorks IR Gun Thermometers Are Perfect for Many Uses

ThermoWorks’ IR Guns have some convenient features, such as a backlit LCD display, a bright laser pointer so you know where you’re aiming, max temp and hold features, and more.

While the IR gun may look like a device from the future, it’s as simple as pointing, aiming, and shooting to read the surface temperature. The minimum distance-to-target spot ratio is 12:1, which means that if your gun is 12 inches away from the target, you’re measuring the average temperature of a 1” diameter spot.

ThermoWorks IR Gun Thermometers Are Perfect for Many Uses

ThermoWorks has a few great options when it comes to IR Gun thermometers:

  • The IR-Gun-S is ThermoWorks’ entry-level IR Gun thermometer. It sells for $69 and is the simplest model. It has a temperature range of -76F to 1,022F and an accuracy of +/- 2.7F between 55F-95F or the greater of +/- 4F or +/- 2% between 95F-1,022F. This model will work well for almost any homeowner, chef, or enthusiast.
  • The IRK-2 IR Gun is ThemoWorks’ mid-level IR Gun and the one that they sent me for testing and review. It sells for $89 and has a circle laser with 8 laser dots for more accurate targeting. It has the same temperature reading range as the IR-Gun-S but has a larger LCD display for easier reading. It’s also compatible with plug-in probes that can be used in conjunction with the IR readings.
  • The IR-IND is ThermoWorks’ more industrial IR Gun that sells for $149. It also has a circle laser but increases the IR reading range up to 1,400F. It also increases the distance-to-spot ratio to 30:1, which means that you can measure a 1-inch diameter spot from 30 inches away. The IR-IND is also compatible with plug-in probes and is perfect for professional applications.

ThermoWorks IR Gun Thermometers Are Perfect for Many Uses

All of ThermoWorks’ IR Guns take a temperature reading after only 1 second, so they’re very convenient when you’re ready to get cooking. I had a lot of fun using the ThermoWorks IRK-2 and can attest to the accuracy of the device.

It’s difficult to describe how much more confidence I had when firing my pizzas, thanks to knowing exactly how hot the oven floor was. Check out my Backyard Brick Ovens Forno Bello review to check out how well my pizzas came out.

ThermoWorks IR Gun Thermometers Are Perfect for Many Uses

If you’re in the market for an accurate IR Gun thermometer with a great temperature range, you owe it to yourself to check out ThermoWorks.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like:  Easy to use; Great temperature range; Extremely Accurate; Large LCD; Quick readings

What Needs Improvement: Nothing I could find

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