ZTE’s VR-Friendly Axon 7 Smartphone Taking Preorders Today

Seems as if the wait for the Axon 7 is finally over! ZTE has announced the official start of their pre-orders for the Axon 7 in the U.S. today!


The Axon 7 is ZTE’s all-metal, 5.5-inch Android compatible device that will be fully compatible with the Daydream Virtual Reality system made by Google. The price will only set you back $399.98, which is less than what everyone expected from the smartphone that will compete with the OnePlus 3! Also sporting a Snapdragon 820 CPU with 6 gigabytes of RAM on top of a 2K screen resolution, which best the OnePlus 3’s 1080p display. This phone is going to be awesome and I’m already looking forward to playing with the device’s 20-megapixel camera that comes included with image stabilization.  ZTE is also offering their warranty service, Passport 2.0 that will give you a replacement if you end up breaking the Axon 7 in the next 24 months.


Available in a new Ion Gold colorway as well as the traditional grey, you can actually purchase the ZTE device on their online store, or through Amazon, with shipping dates to start July 27th.

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