How to View a Map of Pokemon Go Pokestops

Have you tried Pokemon Go yet? Players of this augmented reality game have almost taken over my town and judging by the numbers of people I see walking after dark the popularity isn’t subsiding. One of the questions I’ve heard players ask is if there is a way to get a map of the various Pokestops and Pokemon Gyms.


One of the questions I’ve heard players ask is how they can view a map of the various Pokestops and Pokemon Gyms.

There’s one clever way a group of insiders are using to scout the locations of Pokestops without having to drive all over town with their phones.

Pokemon is authored by the Niantic who are the same company that created the augmented-reality massively multiplayer online location-based game Ingress. In creating the game Niantic used almost all the same locations that were used in their Ingress game for their Pokemon Go game.

What is referred to as a portal in Ingress translates to a Pokestop (or sometimes a Gym) in Pokemon Go.

Which means you can create an Ingress account by downloading the app from the Google Play Store or iTunes. Once you’ve logged into Ingress with your Google account you can use your account to visit the online map at This allows you  to zoom in and view the locations of Ingress portals. Remember Ingress Portal = Pokemon Pokestop (and sometimes Gym).

Nearly all Ingress portals double as Pokestops so the colored circles (either gray, green or blue) you see on the Ingress map will almost always be the location of a Pokestop.

Unfortunately, there’s not a way to distinguish between Pokestops and Gyms. And you may have to zoom all the way into the Ingress map to see every location since Ingress hides details unless a location on the map has been captured and linked by a player.

Don’t expect the Ingress portals to map out 100% to Pokestops. It seems that Niantic removed some of the locations which were very close together when they created Pokemon Go. However the Ingress map is currently the closest that I’ve been able to find to a Pokemon Go map online.  Enjoy!


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