A Skeptic’s Review of ActiveEdge Gear

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A Skeptic's Review of ActiveEdge Gear Listen to this article

The images are pretty compelling aren’t they? And images such as that one lead the company to claim, “Who can these products benefit? Anyone who is interested in reducing inflammation throughout the body; People with back aches, joint pain, arthritis and any other ailments where inflammation is the root of the problem.”


And they “back up” claims with customer testimonials such as:

I bought a bracelet for anti inflammation because I have carpal tunnel in both hands as well as tennis elbow. After about 3 weeks I am feeling relief. My hands are not swelling as much and my elbow has stopped hurting. I was skeptical but I’m now a believer. Best money I have spent! Cynthia S

Now, of course, a few images, testimonials and a study or two aren’t enough to let the company make concrete, blanket statements that the product is safe for any and everyone. And while they believe the product is entirely safe they do include the following disclaimer:

Active Edge products have not been tested on children, pregnant women, or persons with electronic devices such as, but not limited to, pacemakers or defibrillators. Therefore, we do not recommend persons in these categories wear our products.

Still, the dramatic pictures and glowing testimonials caught me eyes.

But there is more.


The company claims that the same process of increasing blood flow and decreasing inflammation can also lead to a better night’s sleep.

A good night’s sleep is essential for overall wellness and maintaining a good quality of life. Active Edge is the first technology capable of infusing and embedding a recipe of electromagnetic frequencies into fabrics and other materials. Developed here in America, Active Edge products are geared to help improve sleep, and more specifically, REM restorative sleep. In our clinical trials participants wearing Active Edge™ products treated with our technology of electromagnetic frequencies reported a significant improvement in sleep quality. This is defined as the ability to fall asleep faster and sleep longer. There was also a significant decrease in soreness, stiffness and pain form the back and neck. Study participants also reported that improved quality of sleep led to improvements in their quality of life due to an increase in alertness. If you are looking to get a great night’s sleep, wear Active Edge™ products to bed.

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