KINBE’s Gorgeous Adjustable Moccasins Grow with Your Child

As a parent, I know very well how quickly kids feet grow as well as how expensive kids shoes can be. KINBE has developed a unique and innovative moccasin design that, using adjustable straps, allows the shoe to grow with your child. These attractive leather moccasins are available for pre-order now starting at $40 on KINBE’s Indiegogo campaign.

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KINBE’s moccs were designed around their pattern-pending adjustable straps that are secured with Velcro. Each moccasin is constructed with two adjustable straps, one front strap to adjust the length of the moccasin, and a back strap to adjust the width of the heel.

Check out KINBE’s promotional video below:

KINBE’s moccasins are made with 100% genuine leather, which are soft on your child’s feet and make them easy to slip on and off. KINBE offers a variety of seriously fun and cute colors and patterns and they are available in small (up to 10 months), and medium (10-24 months).

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These neat moccasins are made in the USA, which is a nice change, and a percentage of the proceeds will go to benefit a nonprofit organization in Guatemala that helps children in need of a loving home.

A peak at the rear adjustable strap.

A peak at the rear adjustable strap.

KINBE was kind enough to send me a pair of pre-production shoes for me to check out. The leather was indeed soft enough for a newborn’s feet, and the adjustable strap design is pretty interesting. I’m not sure the moccasins would be comfortable for kids to wear, however, since the leather gets bunched up when the adjustable straps are in the smaller positions. But what do I know, I can’t try them on myself!

A peak at the front adjustable strap.

A peak at the front adjustable strap.

Check out KINBE moccs on Indiegogo now to pledge your support and pre-order a pair of these innovative and attractive moccasins that will grow with your child.

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