Logitech’s New Wireless Gaming Set Might Make Online Game Play That Much Better

Announced at CES 2017, Logitech unveiled their Logitech G G533 wireless gaming headset.


A comfortable looking wireless gaming headset optimized for PC gamers, the G533 is designed for extensive online gameplay and is the successor to the G960, one of the best-selling wireless gaming headsets of all time.

Logitech's New Wireless Gaming Set Might Make Online Game Play That Much Better

Using Logitech’s patent-pending Pro-G drivers, you will get some of the best, if not THE best gaming audio compared to what else you’ll find on the market, including the ability to game using DTS Headphone X. With DTS not only will you be fully immersed in full 7.1 surround sound, during your game you’ll be able to hear everything in full detail, from acoustics to even the subtle background noises you wouldn’t typically notice. The G533’s come completely wire-free, but also sport fifteen hours of battery life in a single session, meaning your weekends will probably be spent on the couch or desktop completely avoiding the outdoors this winter. With a distance of up to 15 meters, if you have to step away to do something, you can feel comfortable leaving the headset on as you go to answer a call, open the door for friends, and eat if you find time to. Just don’t obviously jump in the shower with these things on.


Available for $150 later this month, you can get more information on the G533 Gaming headset by Logitech here today.

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