Henge Docks Announces New Docks for the MacBook Pro 2016

Henge Docks makes great accessories that let your Apple laptop double as a fantastic desktop. At CES they have announced both Vertical and Horizontal Docking Stations for MacBook Pro (2016) as well as their first Tethered Docking Station. All look great and, having used Henge Dock products before, I can guarantee the fit, finish and quality of each.

Henge Docks is one of those companies that tend to fly under the radar. Considering the quality of the products they create they shouldn’t. As CES 2017 got under way Henge Docks announced their latest products and, for anyone using a MacBook, they are worth a serious look. As they explain:

The new collection of docks forge a seamless integration of the Apple ecosystem into a dynamic and powerful desktop setup. By effortlessly uniting the new MacBook Pro with external devices such as monitors, speakers and a keyboard, Henge Docks’ new product lines facilitate the ultimate simplification of the workplace.

So what exactly did Henge Docks announce?

Tethered Docking Station

Tethered Dock was designed for people who love Apple’s aesthetics. In fact, “Every detail—from the location of each port to the dock’s sleek, angular form—was designed specifically for the new MacBook Pro in mind.” The goal was to have a dock that would serve as a natural extension of the MacBook while adding significant functionality. It has an 85 watt power supply and a host of expansion ports. These include three USB 3 ports, two Mini DisplayPorts, an SD card reader, a Gigabit Ethernet, an audio port and a USB-C or Thunderbolt 3.

And while the dock can be connected at a distance via a cable, the angled design makes it possible to rest the MacBook on the dock and increase the angle just enough for added comfort while typing. The Tethered Dock is available for USB-C or for Thunderbolt. It will ship in March with prices starting at $199.

Vertical Docking Station for MacBook Pro (2016)

The new Vertical Docking Station offers an abundance of connectivity while saving desk space. Integrated pass-through connections are available for either USB type C or Thunderbolt 3 and allow you to easily dock your computer and instantly connect your peripherals.


The Vertical Docking Station for MacBook Pro (2016) is available for the 13-inch MacBook Pro, 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, and 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. It will ship this spring and retail for $149.

Horizontal Docking Station for MacBook Pro (2016)

Finally, there is the Horizontal Dock. Judie and I saw a version of this at CES 2016 and were impressed. No wonder, then, that Henge Docks refers to it as “the centerpiece of any workstation, uniting your MacBook and all of your devices into a single, connected unit.” With the Horizontal Dock you simply place a MacBook on it and the automated docking capabilities instantly secure the computer in place. The dock has 13 expansion ports. These include support for up to four external displays, power, and Kensington Lock. It is an amazing way to quickly and securely add peripherals to your computer AND make sure it stays put even if you step away from your desk.

The Horizontal Docking Station for MacBook Pro (2016) is available in two models, for USB-C or Thunderbolt technology, supporting the 13-inch MacBook Pro, 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. Shipping Spring 2017, the Horizontal Docking Station for MacBook Pro (2016) with prices starting at $499.

Finally, it is worth noting that Henge Docks has announced a partnership with Apple as part of Apple’s Authorized Business Solution Provider (ABSP) program. That means Henge Docks customers can now purchase Apple MacBooks and accessories bundled with their docking stations. Those bundles will range from a Clique2 purchased with Apple Magic Trackpad 2 and Apple Magic Keyboard, to a new MacBook Pro paired with a Horizontal Docking Station. up to $150 on their new MacBook and dock.

“This partnership, coupled with the new products we are launching, allows us to offer our customers a complete workstation setup in one convenient spot, and at a discounted price,” said Matthew Vroom, Henge Docks CEO. “It’s an honor that we were selected for this program after having worked so hard to build products designed to complement and enhance the Apple user experience.”

It is great to see Henge Docks doing so well and we can’t wait to check out some of their new offerings. You can learn more here.

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