The NutSac Satchel Is a Man Bag You’ll Be Proud to Carry

OK guys, I’m going to be talking about a bag company named NutSac, so let’s get all the jokes out of your system. Good? Good. The NutSac Satchel is a high-quality bag made with Top Grain leather and waxed canvas and can hold a tablet up to 9.7” as well as accessories. You can grab your own NutSac for $129.

The NutSac Satchel is a Man Bag You'll Be Proud to Carry

NutSac was founded in Oregon by a couple of guys who wanted to make well-designed, American-made bags. NutSac’s bags are manufactured in the USA with materials sourced from the USA. They started off making disc golf bags…bags used to hold Frisbee discs and they still sell a couple of great looking disc golf bags.  Other than being disc golf fans, another reason to love NutSac is that they’re very transparent with their pricing. On each product page, they’ll tell you how much the item cost in materials, labor and freight, show you their markup and shipping fees, which totals the final price.

The NutSac Satchel is a Man Bag You'll Be Proud to Carry

After the success of their disc golf bags, NutSac decided to branch out and design great bags for everyday use and the Satchel is a great example. Their bags are intended to make men feel proud to carry a bag instead of stuffing their pockets…you don’t need to make excuses and call it a “European Carry-all” like Seinfeld did.

The NutSac Satchel is a Man Bag You'll Be Proud to Carry

The Satchel weighs about 1.6 pounds and measures 11” x 7.5” x 2.5”. It’s got metal hardware and a heavy-duty cotton shoulder strap for durability. The Satchel has two magnets that help the Satchel’s flap stay closed and it also has an attractive post and leather strap closure for added security. The bottom of the bag is clad in leather, providing a very durable surface so you don’t have to worry about where you’re putting your bag down.  The waxed canvas that NutSac uses is an extremely durable material as it’s water repellant and can be easily cleaned at home with a hose.  That’s right, you should clean your NutSac with a hose.

The NutSac Satchel is a Man Bag You'll Be Proud to Carry

NutSac’s Satchel is a highly efficient bag since it’s so small and lightweight. It has a number of different sections inside the bag for organization, including two open pockets and one zippered pocket. The bag also has one zippered pocket on the exterior underneath the flap for quick access.  If the Satchel is too small for you, you can check out the Satchel Pro, which fits Pro-size tablets up to 12.9″.

The NutSac Satchel is a Man Bag You'll Be Proud to Carry

If you’re looking for a bag designed for a man that’s small enough to be lightweight but large enough to carry your tablet, accessories, and more, you’ll need to check out the NutSac Satchel. It’s incredibly stylish, made of high-quality American materials, and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Plus, who doesn’t want a bag that comes chock full of double-entendres?

You can purchase your $129 NutSac bag directly from their site.

The NutSac Satchel is a Man Bag You'll Be Proud to Carry

Source: The NutSac Satchel was a manufacturer provided review sample.

What I Like: Great, manly design; Lightweight, yet durable; High-quality materials; American made; Great organization for such a small bag

What Needs Improvement:  A little small for anything larger than a tablet

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