The FUGOO Go Portable Speaker Is Great on the Go

Sure it’s only February, but Summer is right around the corner which can only mean one thing… pools will be opening soon. And who wants to enjoy sitting on the beach or poolside all afternoon without some tunes? Chances are you’ll need a Bluetooth speaker. FUGOO wants to be the company that you go to for that.

So it’s no surprise that their appropriately named “FUGOO Go” Bluetooth speaker is coming out right before the weather breaks.

The FUGOO Go Portable Speaker Is Great on the Go

An easy-to-carry Bluetooth speaker, the FUGOO Go is the only Bluetooth speaker you should have with you next to your beach chair. At $99.99, it’s one of the most affordable on the market, but don’t let its price fool, it packs a punch. FUGOO sent us over a unit to check out and it’s certainly going to be the speaker of the summer, at least for me (and I’ve got a LOT of Bluetooth Speakers).

The FUGOO Go Portable Speaker Is Great on the Go

We recently reviewed FUGOO’s Tough and Sport speakers, and while those were all rugged and waterproof, one of the main issues people had with them was their form factor and portability. That’s no longer a problem as the FUGOO Go is a lot of what you’d expect from their larger models, packed into a smaller package. With a rich 360-degree stereo sound, the FUGOO Go features two drivers and two bass radiators that belt out twelve watts of audio, making it ideal for an outdoor party or cookout.

The FUGOO Go Portable Speaker Is Great on the Go

It’s the size of a water bottle which means not only can it fit in your backpack, but if you are a fan of biking, there’s even an included mounting cord that securely fastens it to a bike, kayak or a fence, perfect for those outdoor softball games, or basketball pick-ups on Saturday afternoons. The packaging of the FUGOO Go is simple, and similar to what you’d expect out of most Bluetooth speakers on the market, coming with the speaker itself, a USB cable for charging and all of the documents telling you exactly what and how to use with it.

I immediately ripped open the packaging because truth be told, FUGOO speakers are amazing. I still use the Tough speaker when I shower or casually when cleaning the house, and I take the Style with me when my friends and I do our outdoor workouts when the weather permits. I can say that the FUGOO Go travels a whole lot easier and lighter in my gym bag, and even held up to being dropped off of a friends truck by accident. Luckily, FUGOO ‘s Go can withstand a five-foot drop thanks to the rubberized shockproof design.  I can’t wait to try out the IP67 rating poolside either. While I wouldn’t go and sit it IN Chlorine, I’d like to think this summer the FUGOO Go is going to stand the test of time from May until September for me yearly. But there’s one feature that I thought was really cool that I’m super hyped about, and that’s the pairing compatibility.

Unlike most portable Bluetooth speakers, the FUGOO Go can be paired with another giving you a more room filling robust sound. So imagine you and a friend have a FUGOO Go, now if you are sitting near each other on the beach, and the noise around the two of you kind of drowns out the tunes, you can pair up that second speaker, and give you a wider range of audio quality so you can now bring the party to the sand, the pool deck, you name it. But it’s obviously more than just an outdoor speaker as this works perfectly in the home too, so now you can have the same tunes you’re playing in the bedroom playing in your kitchen so you don’t have to turn the volume all the way up in order to try to hear your favorite song through the wall.

The FUGOO Go Portable Speaker Is Great on the Go

Personally, I love the FUGOO Go, and it’s ability to be paired with a friend’s FUGOO Go as well. I originally wanted to give the other to a friend as a gift, but I much rather just make it a multi-room speaker for the days I’m not going to be at the pool. If you’ve already purchased accessories and mounts for the Fugoo Sport and FUGOO Tough, you’ll be happy to know that they will work with the FUGOO Go as well. You can optionally purchase their bike mount, strap mount and multi-mount for an additional fee. At $99.99, this speaker is absolutely awesome and sounds better than that Beats Pill that isn’t shock, dust, or waterproof

What are you waiting for? Head over to FUGOO’s site today for more information.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Sounds absolutely beautiful, even in a noisy room, or outdoors; Fits in backpack or gym bag with ease

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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