CharJenPro USB-C Hub for MacBook Pro: No Need for a Bag of Dongles

Against Judie’s suggestion of waiting until Apple updated the Macbook with better specs, I still went ahead and ordered the Apple Macbook from October 2016 with Touch Bar and I’m truly in love with it. It has its quirks, but one thing I wasn’t prepared for was all of the dongles I would need.

And then I stumbled across the CharJenPro USB-C Hub, which according to people around the internet might be the best hub for the latest Apple Laptop.

CharJenPro USB-C Hub for MacBook Pro: No Need for a Bag of Dongles

CharJenPro actually details the Hub, which is hugely popular on Amazon as:


We at CharJenPro take the utmost pride and care in what we do. Our designers and engineers meticulously oversees the quality of each product as well as the packaging.

CharJenPro’s Goal 

The team at CharJenPro wants you to have the best product at the price where quality meets expectations. You’ll love them. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we took our time to produce them. CharJen your life!


We took the initiative to bring you a modern take on technology and thoughtful design. The Hub compliments the New 2016 Macbook Pro to streamline a consistent design language throughout your workspace.


Having absolutely no USB port on a laptop is absolutely insane, and Apple knows this. I mean even the LIGHTNING cable for the iPhone has a USB 3.0 male end which furthers my confusion as to why Apple would go out of their way to remove all of the normal ports everyday users use and opt for two (or four depending on your model) USB-C ports for their latest MacBook Pro. As a result, companies have been scrambling to accommodate pissed off owners to make a USB-c compatible “hub” that will do what Apple couldn’t: Give you your ports back. And although it’s my first USB-C hub ever, the CharJenPro USB-C Adapter/Hub for the new 2016 MacBook Pro has truly been a lifesaver.

CharJenPro USB-C Hub for MacBook Pro: No Need for a Bag of Dongles

After researching all of the dongles and the hubs on Google for days leading up to my purchase of the Macbook, I came away with three things that I would need from my hub: At least two USB 3.0 ports (for charging/syncing my iPhone & iPad simultaneously), an SD card reader because I still tend to take photos on my point-and-shoot so I’ll need the ability to upload them on the fly, and finally, the ability to charge the Macbook Pro itself through the hub. It’s safe to say, the CharJenPro Hub does all of these and more.

CharJenPro USB-C Hub for MacBook Pro: No Need for a Bag of Dongles

Available in Gray or Silver, I opted for the Gray version as it closely matches my Space Grey 15-Inch MacBook Pro. It’s about as close to the MacBook’s actual color that you can get as well, and sitting side by side, you’ll barely notice that the colors are slightly off. But aesthetics aside, the CharJenPro’s aluminum body has a little something for everyone to enjoy.

When I say everyone, I truly mean it as the device host seven various ports, making it an all-in-one device that despite its currently price on Amazon ($82.99), the CharjenPro functionalities if you went to Apple and paid for them would be more buying individual hubs. The CharJenPro has:

·         Three USB 3.0- Ports: Great for someone who has to charge up multiple devices, or carries a hard drive with them. Even if you’re at your desk, now you can connect printers, scanners and more as well. While I’ve never used all three ports at the same time, I do tend to charge up my two devices from my MacBook Pro, especially on travel when hotels have limited ports.

·         An SD card slot: Chances are you take photos, and while Apple has all but eliminated the ability to on the MacBook itself, the CharJenPro brings that functionality back, and it’s much appreciated.

·         A Micro-SD card Reader: Yes, Apple, some devices actually do not run specifically through the cloud, and hey, there may even be an Android user who enjoys a MacBook. The ability to pull media off your Micro-SD card might be rare for some, but for the few who need it, this is a saving grace feature that the CharJenPro has.

·         HDMI 4K Output: While traveling, one thing I absolutely love to do is stream movies from my tablet and MacBook. Hotel movies are expensive, and with a handy HDMI cable, you can now plug your MacBook into the TV or external monitor and use it for whatever you deem fit. I cannot wait to use this feature when I get an external monitor but it’s PERFECT when you’re traveling for sure.

CharJenPro USB-C Hub for MacBook Pro: No Need for a Bag of Dongles

Rather than spend 15-20 dollars on various hubs and cables, leaving my bag with endless dongles (although I still do in the event another fails), the CharJenPro is an all in one accessory that every single MacBook Pro user should purchase. Not only is the hub small enough to pocket, but you can throw it in your bag and use it when you see fit. Now I’m sure you’re wondering “why would I want a dongle? Why not get a computer that has these ports already? That answer isn’t exactly simple. While Apple is attempting to future proof itself, and it seems as if USB-C is heading in the direction of being for all of our devices, the future isn’t currently here yet. Rather than bother yourself with numerous cables and cords, the CharJenPro gives you everything you need in one shot, and not only looks good at it, but while doing all of these functions, you can actually still plug in your device and charge it through the CharJenPro. This is a MAJOR deal for the MacBook Pro versions with only two ports, thus making it a must have for the majority who didn’t spend close to $3000 for the higher end models with four ports.

CharJenPro USB-C Hub for MacBook Pro: No Need for a Bag of Dongles

Overall I love the CharJenPro, and it’s with me daily. And the days that I forget it, I’m upset because I cannot upload photos unless it’s through iCloud, but when with me, it’s awesome. Any vlogger, blogger, photographer, or just someone who wants the latest MacBook but want their ports also, this is a no brainer, go today and purchase it.

For more information on the CharJenPro for the new MacBook Pro, head over to their site today.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: All in one and matches my MacBook

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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