Why It Took Me Less Than 24-Hours to Cancel YouTube TV

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Why It Took Me Less Than 24-Hours to Cancel YouTube TV Listen to this article

You need to live in one of these areas to sign up for YouTube TV. If you live elsewhere, we’ll ask for your email address and will let you know once YouTube TV has launched in your area.

When signing up, you’ll need to physically be in your home area, or wherever you’ll most frequently use YouTube TV. This is to ensure you get access to the correct local networks. If you try to sign up outside of your home area, we’ll ask for your email address and will send you an email when you return home (if YouTube TV is available where you live) or when YouTube TV launches in your area.

Note: If you sign up in a launched area that is not your home area, you may lose access to YouTube TV. Learn more about location requirements and permissions.

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All family group members need to periodically use YouTube TV in your home location to keep access. If you don’t, the family manager will either have to change your home location or you’ll need to get your own individual membership

For me, YouTube TV is a big helping of nope.  As a G-Suite subscriber, I’m sick of Google services launching with arbitrary limitations that lockout G-Suite subscribers (hello Project Fi, I’m talking to you). It took me less than a day to end my trial subscription. I may take another look if Google eliminates the G-Suite restriction on family sharing and reaches a better agreement allowing widespread live streaming of network channels.

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