Are ChoeTech USB-C Accessories Worthy of your Devices?

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Are ChoeTech USB-C Accessories Worthy of your Devices? Listen to this article

It seems as if USB-C is going to be the wave of the future, with rumors of the next iPhone integrating it and with Apple’s most recent MacBook pro sporting nothing but USB type C ports. In an effort to future-proof themselves, ChoeTech has begun releasing USB Type-C products and allowed us to check a few out.

Are ChoeTech USB-C Accessories Worthy of your Devices?

The First is the ChoeTech USB-C Charger, which is a 3 port charger sporting two 2.4a USB port outlets and a single USB type C Port. This has been my daily driver at work when I need to charge up the three devices that I use the most: My iPhone, iPad Pro, and my MacBook Pro 2016. I was a bit wary about one thing, however. Since this charger is only 39W, would it actually charge up my MacBook Pro while actually using it? The answer is simply, no.

Are ChoeTech USB-C Accessories Worthy of your Devices?

The power brick that came with the laptop when I first received it is 85W, which goes without saying, charging while using with this 39W charger is almost impossible. While it will charge up a Nintendo Switch, 12″ MacBook, or other smaller USB-C devices perfectly well, the best bet for charging a device as battery heavy as the 2016 MacBook Pro is simply sitting your laptop to the side while allowing it to trickle charge up a bit as you use another device. Even with ChoeTech’s claims of dual high-tech small ports that identify your device for faster outputs, they are no match for the 2016 MacBook Pro. Any other device though will charge fine. The issue that is presented however is the product is currently unavailable according to Amazon. This could mean the company is making a newer model? Only time will tell.

Are ChoeTech USB-C Accessories Worthy of your Devices?

Also, ChoeTech sent out some USB-C cables to test out with the USB-C Charger they sent over which I thought were actually some of the nicer USB-C cables I’ve used recently. The cables came in two sizes, 6.6 feet, as well as a shorter 3.3ft model. Both do remotely the same thing, from charging up your devices with a compatible charger, or you can transfer data at a USB 2.0 standard of 480 Mbps.

Are ChoeTech USB-C Accessories Worthy of your Devices?

Despite the fact that the previously mentioned ChoeTech USB-C charger only charged at 39 watts, the cables are far, far superior. Not only are the cables themselves black, which I prefer, but they are incredibly durable and look as though they will stand up to plenty of stress tests I have for them. Regardless of which way you go with these cables, you can charge anything from your Nintendo Switch, to your smartphone, and if you can find a high watt power brick, this is the PERFECT cable for all of them.

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Are ChoeTech USB-C Accessories Worthy of your Devices?

All in all, despite the wall charger’s low-wattage, both of the USB-C accessories that ChoeTech were actually impressive. If you carry multiple devices, the 3-in-1 wall charger is a no brainer that can complete multiple tasks for you (minus charging your MacBook pro while using). However the USB-C cables, regardless of length are just awesome. They work as they should, and look better in black.

For more information on either of ChoeTech’s products, you can head directly to Amazon [affiliate link] today.


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What I Like: The USB-C cables are lightweight but ultra-durable. Having an option of sizes is great as well.

What Needs Improvement: The USB-C Wall chargers output of only 39W only allows for trickle charging of my MacBook Pro

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