KNZ GoDuo Brings Portable Stereo Sound

There are many Bluetooth speaker options out there. Most offerings are a single speaker to make them easy to carry. The KNZ GoDuo brings a unique design allowing for single carry portability as well as stereo sound. The successful Kickstarter campaign still has early bird options available for $79; let’s take a look.  

The GoDuo speaker is a wireless 4 in 1 magnetic speaker. This is one of the most unusual speakers I have ever reviewed. The speaker can be used together as a portable speaker. The magnets will hold the speakers together and combine the sound into a single channel.

KNZ GoDuo Brings Portable Stereo Sound

The speaker can also be used separately for stereo sound quality. Once pulled apart, the speakers sync together in stereo. This is the first Bluetooth speaker I have used with this feature, and I almost forgot how good stereo speakers sounded until I used these. I like to use them on each side of my laptop for improved sound and on each side of the pool chair when we are hanging out on the pool deck.

KNZ GoDuo Brings Portable Stereo Sound

Since each speaker has its own power button, they can be used as a single speaker. This can be useful when battery power is at a premium. You can basically get double the battery life.

KNZ GoDuo Brings Portable Stereo Sound

If you are on the go, the GoDuo can also be used encased. The supplied rubber case holds the speakers providing added protection to the already water-resistant and tough speakers. The loop at the top can easily handle a clip making the speakers mobile and ready for the outdoors.

KNZ GoDuo Brings Portable Stereo Sound

The GoDuo is like having two Bluetooth speakers that are smart enough to work together. The clear cases and water-resistant design mean they not only look great but will survive an active lifestyle. There are no settings to worry about since the speakers are designed to automatically sync as stereo or single channel depending on how they are being used.

The magnets are strong and enable them to be mounted anywhere you are listening. The magnets also allow the speakers to change from single channel to stereo modes. The included double micro-USB charging cable ensures ease of use when getting the battery ready to go.

The GoDuo speakers are really a unique design bringing stereo sound to a portable, durable speaker. This is the first of this kind I have used and I really like them. Having four options for use means you can carry just one speaker and use it for almost any situation. The stereo sound is fantastic and perfect for a desk or sitting nearby. I would like them to be louder for outdoor use, but the sound quality is nice. The highs and lows are defined and well-balanced. I would recommend these to anyone looking for a versatile speaker option.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I like: Rugged and versatile with great sound; These speakers are very unique

What could be improved: I would love them to be louder for a larger outdoor use

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