The Griffin Reserve Power Bank Will Charge Your Devices on the Go

Griffin is a great mobile accessories company that prides themselves on making the smart devices that you use more functional. Griffin allowed us to check out their Reserve Power Bank, which is a new solution to a problem many of us smartphone and tablet users have: not enough juice to get through a long day. So let’s check them out.

Available in four different versions, the Griffin Reserve Power Bank provides dependable power for any of your everyday devices in safe efficient manner. Griffin only uses safety-certified Lithium-Ion batteries that are safe on the ground or in-flight, and after testing over the past few weeks it’s been very helpful. Secured in a drop-tested polycarbonate shell, the Reserve Power Banks are durable enough to take a tumble on the floor, all while not being a hand-warmer in your pocket (which is certainly not its purpose). Each of the four power banks sports different sizes including:

  • Reserve Power Bank 2,600 mAh– Provides up to one charge for an average smartphone
  • Reserve Power Bank 5,200 mAh – Provides up to two and a half charges for an average smartphone – Provides up to 75% charge for a large tablet
  • Reserve Power Bank 9,000 mAh – Provides up to four and a half charges for an average smartphone – Provides up to one and a half charges for a large tablet
  • Reserve Power Bank 18,200 mAh – Provides up to nine charges for an average smartphone – Provides up to two and a half charges for a large tablet

I received the 9000mAh version which honestly has been a delight to use for both Jess and me. Sporting four LED icons on the front of the device, going from 100% for four bars, 50% for two bars, and 25% for an individual bar, the Reserve Battery Pack allows me to never go lower than 20% at any given time. I would love for the Reserve to get a USB-C version, as it seems most battery packs are beginning to do this, or even an integrated cable so you wouldn’t have to supply your own. Nevertheless, the price is super affordable for all four of these battery packs, and there’s no reason not to purchase one for yourself, and even one for a friend.

For more information on the Reserve Battery Pack, head over to Griffin’s site today.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Slim profile; cool gray color is a welcome change from the traditional black you see from most battery packs

What Needs Improvement: Would like to see a Type-C version; Would love to see an integrated cable

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