Lovenuts: The Acorn-Shaped Flashlight with Hidden Talents

Welp, this is a new one for me! Newly launched on Indiegogo, Lovenuts is an acorn-shaped flashlight and mini nightlight that’s also a connected personal vibrator. Designed to be innocent looking and to have more than one purpose, Lovenuts is a stealthy little guy that is designed to easily travel with you.

Lovenuts: The Acorn-Shaped Flashlight with Hidden Talents

It turns out that a friend of mine is helping with their PR; never one to not help out a friend or to turn down an (implied) dare, I couldn’t help but inwardly groan when she sent me one.

She’s right, though, it’s cute and somewhat discreet. Available in cherry red, mint blue, lime green, grape purple, and stealth black, the device charges via a wireless charger powered by microUSB.

Lovenuts: The Acorn-Shaped Flashlight with Hidden Talents


When not in use as a personal vibrator, Lovenuts can sit next to your bed and act as a nightlight. If you pick it up off the base, by pressing the + or button you can use it as a flashlight, or you can take advantage of its other features.

Once connected to its iOS app, you can unlock three built-in vibration modes, with each being customizable through the app for frequency or intensity. Lovenuts can be controlled by you or remotely by a partner, and the maker is promising future updates through the app.

Lovenuts: The Acorn-Shaped Flashlight with Hidden Talents

Lovenuts is a quirky connected sex toy that stole the show at Disrupt last year. At first, this acorn-shaped device appears to be a flashlight, but fire up the Lovenuts app on your smartphone and it turns into a Bluetooth smart vibrator, complete with personalized vibration modes. You can even use Lovenuts remotely with your partner through the app’s video call feature. It’s small, it’s cute, it’s discreet, but it’s always fun…

If you’re intrigued with the idea behind Lovenuts, you can learn more about it and order yours for $89 here.

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