TripIt Is Now Your Airport Sidekick

TripIt has been my go-to app for travel, hands down. I track all of my flights instantly thanks to the Pro features, but when I’m in the airport, I’ve always thought the app could be more useful. Luckily the company thought this as well, and they’ve released an update that its users will enjoy.

TripIt’s new feature allows users to interact with the airports they are currently in! Available courtesy of the in-app TripIt Pro feature ($49 a year), travelers can use the app to quickly find their way through the airport as well as see shopping, restrooms, and even where their terminal is located — perfect for those late arrivals to the airport.

“Airports can be overwhelming, especially when you’re rushing to board a flight,” said Jen Moyse, director of product at TripIt from Concur. “Whether you’re trying to make a connecting flight or looking for something to eat before you take off, TripIt Pro will make sure you never wander around lost in an airport again.”

TripIt Is Now Your Airport Sidekick

Available at 50 airports currently, TripIt will add additional airports over time. I’m certainly excited about this feature because as someone who has no sense of direction, being able to find all of the amenities I need in an airport — from the good parts of the food court, to in some cases the doggy relief area for Sparky — this feature alone is worth having a TripIt Pro subscription. Here are some other highlighted features that come with the new updated app:

Go from security to gate: Quickly find the fastest route to the departure gate after getting through security. Make a tight connection: See how long it’ll take to get from gate to gate, or from one terminal to the next, and give them directions that show them the most direct route. Find the best dining options: Search for restaurants, bars or cafes, and TripIt Pro will show what’s available, what’s open and exactly how much time it should take to get there—taking the guesswork out of deciding where to go.

Airport maps are shown for each leg of a trip, including departure, arrival and layover airports, and can be found within flight-details screens in the TripIt mobile app. The new interactive airport maps are available for nearly 50 airports worldwide and require Internet to access.

You can find out more information about the update, as well as download the app for iPhone or Android today by visiting here.


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