New Things to Try for Your Four-Legged Children

Neon Litter – Your Cats Will Rave

If you are hiding your cat’s litter box in a room that no one uses, this might not appeal to you that much. But if your cat’s litter box is in a high traffic area, you’ll appreciate that this product not only masks smells and clumps easily, it’s long-lasting and looks cool.

Neon Litter is made of silica that’s been dyed with food coloring. The absorbent micro-sized crystals are soft on paws, dust-free, and 70% lighter than clay litters. Neon swears by the odor control of this litter, and they say that you can get away with only having to scoop twice a week (assuming that you have one cat).

Neon Litter comes in green, orange, pink, and purple; it sells for $14.99 a bag, but there are significant discounts when you order more than one at a time.

Check out their FAQ here.

Dremel Pet Nail Grooming Kit

If trimming your pet’s nails has become a traumatic experience because you’ve clipped too close to their nail quick one too many times, you’ll appreciate the Dremel Pet Nail Grooming Kit.

No more guillotine nail chopping — just simple sanding/grinding until your pet’s nails are properly shortened. There’s an adjustable guard to make sure that you don’t go too far, and the Dremel tool is quiet.

At $39.99, the package includes everything you need to keep your pet’s nails properly groomed. You can find it on Amazon [affiliate link].

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