Whistle Announces Their Smartest Pet Tracker Yet

Whistle, the market leader in pet tracking and monitoring devices announced their Whistle 3 on Wednesday at CES 2017 here in Las Vegas. Made to locate a misplaced pet the Whistle 3 also monitors your four-legged friend’s daily exercise.

Whistle Announces Their Smartest Pet Tracker Yet

By combining continuous location tracking and activity monitoring, the Whistle 3 is labeled as the best-of-breed pet tracker currently available on the market thanks to features like:

  • Accurate tracking: With a completely new wireless infrastructure built from the ground up, using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth as well as GPS and cell service, pet owners can get faster alerts to prevent their favorite pet getting too far out of range just by using their smartphone.
  • Safe Places: Thanks to improved geo-fencing, you as the pet owner can now create a multitude of safe places such as home, office, or even your dogs favorite vacation spot.
  • Brand new Whistle 3 app: Free in the app store, the Whistle 3 mobile app is built from top to bottom based on real-life user experiences with pet loss and activity tracking.
  • More Pet Options: Courtesy of new hardware, the Whistle 3’s hardware went through an overhaul just like most of the other Whistle functions, which resulted in an on-collar device that is not only 50 percent smaller than the previous models, but it weighs less than and ounce and is now waterproof.

“Until Whistle entered the market, pet loss interventions and preventative care was a system of hoping for the best without much reliable information about your pet’s specific needs. Even today, you’re likely to find pet loss flyers posted nearby,” said Ben Jacobs, CEO and Co-founder of Whistle. “With the largest database of pet location and activity data, Whistle can better understand how to prevent the biggest risks our pets face – like loss and obesity-related illnesses. Our goal with Whistle 3 is to make the world of pet care smarter, and more responsible, so pet owners can have peace of mind while they focus on the best parts of sharing life with a pet.”

Available for $79.95, the Whistle 3 will be available on Amazon as well as Whistle’s own website. There’s an additional subscription service that starts at $6.95 but can reach $9.95 according to how much coverage you’d like to ensure your pet’s location. For more information, head here today.

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