New ThinkPad T, X, and L Laptops Are Even Thinner & Lighter for 2018

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Lenovo makes what I sometimes joke are the Toyota of computer —they aren’t always flashy, but they are solid workhorses that can and will handle anything you toss their way. 2018 is bringing some new updates for the Lenovo ThinkPad lines, and whether you need a ThinkPad T, X, or L, they’ve got you covered with an impressively updated lineup!

New ThinkPad T, X, and L Laptops Are Even Thinner & Lighter for 2018

There are differences among all three lines, but there are a few common traits that you get from each one. All of them are sporting 8th Generation Intel Core processors, USB-C, docking options, and a mechanical shutter to cover the webcams for privacy. Some of that, like the updated processors and USB-C, is fairly standard for new machines, but the mechanical shutter is a very cool idea. It certainly beats slapping electrical tape over the webcam, and even the FBI thinks you should cover yours when not in use. Might as well do it in style!

New ThinkPad T, X, and L Laptops Are Even Thinner & Lighter for 2018

Now let’s look at what makes each new Lenovo line unique. The ThinkPad X line is the laptop you want when you’re on the road. Lenovo says it is mil-spec rated for durability, plus the line offers between 13 and 13.6 hours of battery life depending on the specific model. The X380 Yoga has 360-degree flexibility along with Active Pen capability, so you can use it as both a laptop and a tablet, and if you prefer a traditional laptop the X280 has you covered as well. They start at a very reasonable $999 for the X280 and X380 Yoga comes in starting at $1459.

New ThinkPad T, X, and L Laptops Are Even Thinner & Lighter for 2018

If you’re looking for power and professionalism over portability, check out the Lenovo ThinkPad T series. It has a fingerprint scanner, IR camera, the ThinkShutter webcam cover, and a jaw-dropping 27 hours of battery life. The craziest part is that all that comes in at just 2.9lbs for the base model, and starts at only $989 (with prices increasing to as high as $1269 depending on configuration).

New ThinkPad T, X, and L Laptops Are Even Thinner & Lighter for 2018

Finally, if you need a solid work machine on a budget, the ThinkPad L series is starting at only $680, but still offers updated processors and other goodies. If your budget stretches a bit, the ThinkPad L380 Yoga offers a 360 capability and multitouch!

New ThinkPad T, X, and L Laptops Are Even Thinner & Lighter for 2018

Of course, you might not always be working on the go, and when you’re in the office and want the luxury of desktop accessories, Lenovo is also releasing a new docking station that should fit most 12-15″ ThinkPads. It offers a number of connection options along with keylock for extra security. Prices range from $199 to $299, and you can always pair them with the new ThinkVision monitors because more screens are always better. Mere mortals would be fine with the ThinkVision X24, which sports extra thin bezels for only $249, but artists and those who really want the best visual options should spring for the ThinkVision P32u, which offers UHD 4k for only $1349. That’s a small price to pay for the ultimate screen for watching Stranger Things on company time creating excellent and detailed spreadsheets.

Lenovo is intent on upping your computing game for 2018, so be sure to peruse all the new ThinkPads and brace your wallet for impact!

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