Audioengine A5+ Wireless Speakers Look and Sound Like a Powerhouse System


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Audioengine A5+ Wireless Speakers Look and Sound Like a Powerhouse System Listen to this article

Of course, the standout feature that makes the A5+ such an awesome upgrade of the A5 system is the inclusion of Bluetooth. This isn’t just any Bluetooth, however. For example, the Bluetooth 4.0 built into the speakers gets up to 100 feet of range and supports aptX, AAC, and SBS. That’s why the company can brag that:

The A5+ Wireless also features a higher signal-to-noise ratio due to the inclusion of a 24-bit high-performance DAC and much better range than most Bluetooth products.

If your audio source supports aptX, you will be able to enjoy the impact of this high-quality Bluetooth audio codec. Unfortunately, iPhone and iPads don’t support aptX. All is not, however, lost.

For iPad or iPhone users that don’t have aptX, don’t despair! MacOS (MacBook, iMac, Mac mini) includes Bluetooth aptX, however, if you use an iPhone or iPad, Apple uses the AAC codec and doesn’t support aptX. AAC sounds good as well, and you’ll also get the extra benefit of our upsampling 24-bit DAC, so you won’t be disappointed by the sound quality if you use an iOS device with any of our Bluetooth products.


  • Built-in analog class A/B monoblock power amplifiers
  • Solid aluminum remote control
  • High-fidelity advanced Bluetooth with aptX, simplified setup, extended range, and 24-bit upsampling
  • RCA and mini-jack audio inputs
  • Front panel volume control
  • Variable preamp audio output
  • Gold-plated connectors
  • Full-size 5-way speaker binding posts
  • Custom Kevlar woofers and silk tweeters
  • Hand-built MDF wood cabinets
  • Magnetically shielded
  • Advance tuned cabinet with rear-ported waveguide
  • Stand-mount 1/4? threaded inserts
  • Cables included
  • Left and right speaker included.
  • Everything you need is in the box!
  • Audioengine pays sales tax if applicable.
  • Free ground shipping in the contiguous United States.
  • 30-day audition
  • 3-year warranty

Audioengine A5+ Wireless Speakers Look and Sound Like a Powerhouse System

Ultimately these are fairly small speakers that pump out huge, impressive sound. Or as the company says,

Clear, full and powerful audio that fills any room. The A5+ Wireless Speakers are constructed with custom Audioengine components: Kevlar woofers, silk tweeters, high-fidelity Bluetooth aptX-HD, and built-in power amps wrapped in hand-built wood cabinets with furniture-grade finish. Perfect for any size space.

When you are looking to spend money, there is nothing better than getting an awesome product at a reasonable price. Sure, you can go cheap and save some money. In the end, however, you will likely discover the veracity of the adage, “You get what you pay for.” You can also pay out the nose for speakers that look fancy, have a fancy logo and are marketed with all kinds of bells and whistles. In that case, however, it is entirely possible you will find that spending more doesn’t necessarily get you a better product or experience.

Audioengine A5+ Wireless Speakers Look and Sound Like a Powerhouse System

As Audioengine has shown me time and time again, there is a third option. When you turn to a company that takes serious pride in their products and is committed to giving great value at a fair price you can’t go wrong. That’s the case here. Audioengine could likely charge more for their speakers. They could also cut some corners and either lower their prices or increase their profit margin. But, as a company that is seriously committed to music and to creating a loyal customer base, they don’t do either. They put the right components into custom cabinets and make sure their products deliver great sound. Then they charge a fair price.

The A5+ Wireless Speakers are a perfect example of this. At an MSRP of $499, they certainly are less expensive options, but you aren’t going to find a wireless system with more connectivity options and better sound than these unless you opt for one of the company’s other products. The A5+ are impressive. Their aggressive looks, exposed drivers, and great Bluetooth range make them a terrific choice for a new home audio system. Check them out here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the Audioengine A5+

What I Like: Everything in the box; Sets up in seconds; Great design; Custom components; Excellent Bluetooth range and HD streaming audio when the source device permits; 150W output; Excellent connectivity options; Includes remote

What Needs Improvement: No optical audio port for those who need it

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