Back to School in Fall 2018 with the Best Tech

Anker PowerPort II PD

Back to School in Fall 2018 with the Best Tech
Ankers PowerPort II PD is a great wall charger to give to your favorite student that allows you to charge up your device via USB-C or the additional USB port beneath it. This is perfect for charging your MacBook Pro or USB-c enabled device on the go, as well as your smartphone. Available for $29.99 you can purchase the PowerPort II on Amazon.


Back to School in Fall 2018 with the Best Tech
The ShutterGrip by JustMobile is a great way to take photos on the go without always having to find the proper angle to snap your shot. Compatible with iOS and Android, the ergonomic camera shutter connects via Bluetooth so you can always capture that perfect picture without worrying about it being blurry or having a finger in the image.

Nightingale Smart Home Sleep System

Back to School in Fall 2018 with the Best Tech

The Nightingale Smart Home Sleep System is perfect for noisy dorms! Placing one or two of these in your student’s dorm room will masks noises that keep them from being able to sleep by using customized sound blankets that they’ll control from its app. The built-in plugs on the front will allow full access to the wall charger for other devices. If your student is a light sleeper, someone who is easily kept awake by outside noises at night, or someone who sleeps with a partner who lightly snores, or if noises in other rooms keep them from being able to settle in and conk out, the Nightingale can help! The Nightingale Smart Home Sleep System retails for $149 for the Standard Edition (one unit) and $249 for the Premium Edition (two units).

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