Back to School in Fall 2018 with the Best Tech

SBode Bluetooth Speaker

Back to School in Fall 2018 with the Best Tech

One thing about living in a dorm room is lack of space for actual audio equipment. But these days, a really good Bluetooth speaker might do the job. The SBode Bluetooth speaker is not only bringing the bass, but it also offers over six hours of battery life, water-resistant, and small enough to toss in a backpack with ease. Available for $35 on check out SBode’s site for more information.

Cycle Torch Shark 55R Bike Light

Back to School in Fall 2018 with the Best Tech

If your student is going to be riding a bike on campus, make sure they have the Cycle Torch Shark 55R Bike light. It’s compact, has a long battery life, is easy to attach, it comes with a rear light, and it is rechargeable. Best of all, it’s only $39.99.

Anker Spirit X Headphones

Back to School in Fall 2018 with the Best Tech
The Spirit X Bluetooth headphones by Anker are a personal favorite pair of headphones for the gym or walking around campus. They cost less than $50, feature IPX7 sweat guard technology, and come with Bluetooth 5.0 for great connectivity to any device that you chose, and feature a 12-hour battery life to get you through that grueling walk from class to class.

Hitcase iPhone X waterproof Case

Back to School in Fall 2018 with the Best Tech
Hitcase makes some of the best waterproof and drop-proof iPhone cases on the market today. There are three models of Hitcase: The Hitcase Pro, Hitcase Shield Link and the Hitcase Crio, all having their own special features to make the iPhone X not only protected from the elements, but giving your device the ability to float in water courtesy of a companion band, or multiple lenses so you can take various shots with your camera. Starting at $29.99 for the Crio, and going up to $99.99 for the Pro, you can find more information about the Hitcase collection today.

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