Back to School in Fall 2018 with the Best Tech

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Back to School in Fall 2018 with the Best Tech Listen to this article

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Back to School in Fall 2018 with the Best Tech

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It’s that time again! The kids (or maybe you?) are headed back to school, and that means they’ll need the proper gear. Here’s a round-up of some of our favorite back to school supplies.

Mophie Powerstation Plus XL

Back to School in Fall 2018 with the Best Tech

Don’t even think about sending your favorite iOS-using student back to school without an excellent battery pack! The mophie powerstation plus XL packs 10,000mAh; it has a built-in Lightning cable for charging, and it charges with a lightning cable. If you have a Qi-enabled charger, you can lay the mophie on the charger to top-off its battery. No need to fumble with extra cables, since it has the built-in Lightning charger, but if you need to share with a friend who uses Android, they can hook their cable into the USB port. The mophie powerstation plus XL sells for $99.95, and it is available in 4 colors.

Honor View10

Back to School in Fall 2018 with the Best Tech

Send your favorite student back to school with an Honor View10; it rocks an AI-powered dual-lens camera, 5.99-inch FullView Display, and the Huawei Kirin 970 chipset, and it is now on sale for the Back to School season. The device, which garnered nine “Best Smartphone of CES 2018” awards and boasts a built-in NPU (neural-network processing unit), AI-powered features, 6GB RAM, and 3,750 mAh battery, is feature packed and disruptively priced for this upcoming school year.

You can get it for $70 off — just $429 from now until September 2nd. Look for it at HiHonorAmazon, and Newegg.

TYLT Block Party

Back to School in Fall 2018 with the Best Tech

Dorm rooms are cramped, so convergent devices are perfect. The attractive and compact TYLT Block Party puts out powerful sound, and it has four built-in device chargers to take advantage of the 20,000mAh battery in its base. The TYLT Block Party retails for $129.99.

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