The Hot Seat: World’s First USB Heated Stadium Chair

With football season in full swing and temperatures falling, many people are spending their weekends in cool stadiums. My wife has spent 21 years following around my football team and is an expert at stadium comfort. She has spent the beginning of my season using The Hot Seat ($79 on Indiegogo). Let’s see how it holds up to the Friday Night Lights. 

The Hot Seat has been successfully crowdfunded with a November delivery. Perfect timing to keep you warm and cozy at any games this winter. The chair is crafted with a steel frame and utilizes SoftTushion Foam for extra comfort and support. Five position back rest adjustment ensures total comfort for even the longest game.

The Hot Seat: World's First USB Heated Stadium Chair

The chair folds easily and carries like a backpack leaving you hands free for any other items you are carrying into the stadium. My wife said the pack feels large, but is easy to carry and she likes having both hands free for other items.

The Hot Seat: World's First USB Heated Stadium Chair

While enjoying the game, The Hot Seat provides several pockets to store any valuables like phones and even has a built in drink holder. My favorite fan especially likes the drink holder since they are often packed into the stadium and it is easy to have a drink knocked over. The pockets also help prevent the dreaded items that drop under the bleachers requiring a trip under to find them.

The Hot Seat: World's First USB Heated Stadium Chair

Before discussing the heating features, the chair already has some great features rarely found in a stadium seat. From the comfortable foam, to the hidden pockets, this is a great way to stay comfortable, warm, and stay organized at any length game or practice. My wife has been using the chair during our hot sticky Thursday and Friday nights and loves the extra features that keep her organized. As we move to cooler temperatures and our team hopefully plays into December in the playoffs, the heating feature is a welcomed luxury.

The Hot Seat: World's First USB Heated Stadium Chair

Heating is controlled via an external battery (not included) and has three settings. Low=100 degrees, Medium=110 degrees, and High=115 degrees. The ThermaGridz heating technology turns on with a quick press of a button. Not only is this feature great for obvious reasons, but my wife thinks she will not have to carry as many blankets thus lightening her load. She plans on charging her external battery each week and keeping it in one of the chair pockets for the rest of the season, so any time the temps start to dip, she will be nice and warm.

The Hot Seat: World's First USB Heated Stadium Chair

If you spend a lot of time in stadiums, you know that comfort is usually not a design on those bench seats. The Hot Seat not only brings comfort for fans, it also will keep you warm on a cold winter night. Water proof and anti-slip, this seat will work in all elements. The seat is rugged and comfortable and is full of pockets and features that will keep you organized through out the entire game. Fingers crossed that The Hot Seat gets to make trips deep into the Texas High School Football Playoffs for years to come!

The Hot Seat: World's First USB Heated Stadium Chair

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I like: Comfortable chair with tons of pockets and features. Brings warmth on a cold winter night.

What can be improved: Nothing at this time.




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