The Pure Company Large Room Air Purifier: Beautiful, Powerful, and Enhanced with Aromatherapy

The Pure Company Large Room Air Purifier: Beautiful, Powerful, and Enhanced with Aromatherapy

If fresh, clean air is a priority for you (and let’s face it, if it’s not, then it should be), then you’ll be interested in The Pure Company Large Room Air Purifier. It captures pollen, allergens, pet dander, and dust, it’s quiet, and it can even enhance your room’s environment with 100% Pure Essential Oils added in its special port.

Able to handle a room up to 750 square feet at 2 air exchanges per hour, the Large Room Air Purifier is made to look good while working efficiently.

The Pure Company Large Room Air Purifier’s features include:

  • Activated Carbon Pre-Filter traps dust and eliminates odors
  • True HEPA Filter removes 99.97% of air particles as small as 0.3 microns
  • CADR of 205
  • 360-degree filter design cleans large rooms from every direction
  • Six cleaning timer settings have auto shut-off at end of the cycle
  • Auto clean mode adjusts fan speed automatically based on the laser PM2.5 air quality sensor
  • 24/7 color-changing light feature indicates air quality cleaning levels
  • A whisper-quiet fan offers four manual speed settings, including light- and noise-reduced Sleep Mode
  • Includes auto-alert for True HEPA Filter replacement
  • Mess-free aromatherapy pad included for use with our 100% Pure Essential Oils

The Large Room Air Purifier measures 24.2″ tall by 10.8″ wide, and it weighs about 15 pounds; it’s comprised of three main parts: the Body, which includes the aromatherapy port on top, the control panel, the air outlet, the air quality light ring, and the air quality sensor; the carbon pre-filter combined with the True HEPA Filter; and the Base which has an integrated lock. The air purifier’s body is composed of marshmallow (off-white) colored plastic; the base and top are composed of a muted matte gold-colored plastic. As is, it looks great, but you can also purchase wraps to completely change the looks if marshmallow is too stark for your room.

The Pure Company Large Room Air Purifier: Beautiful, Powerful, and Enhanced with Aromatherapy

There is an approximately 7′ long thick, white braided fabric wall plug coming off the back. Those little vents that you see on the back belong to the air quality sensor.

The Pure Company Large Room Air Purifier: Beautiful, Powerful, and Enhanced with Aromatherapy

On the top of the air purifier, there is a white aromatherapy port and five large icons, most of which are buttons.

The Pure Company Large Room Air Purifier: Beautiful, Powerful, and Enhanced with Aromatherapy

The first is the Light button; you can press it to control the brightness of the air quality light ring and control panel lights with four options: Light ring: dim/control panel: dim, light ring: off/control panel: dim, light ring: off, control panel: off, and light ring: bright/control panel: bright. This is a great addition because if you are using the Large Room Air Purifier in a bedroom, the fewer lights the better. I’ll talk about the light ring and what it indicates later in this review. The light ring, which glows just under the top of the unit lets you know which cleaning mode your air purifier is in. A clear, or white light, means “all clean!”, a blue light means you are in light cleaning mode, a purple light means regular cleaning mode, and a pink light means the air purifier is in super-cleaning mode.

The Air Speed button controls the fan speed when your Large Room Air Purifier is turned on: level A is auto mode, level 1 is slow, level 2 is medium slow, level 3 is medium fast, level 4 is fast, and sleep mode is when the air purifier is set to low and all lights are off for 8 hours.

The Timer button chooses the cleaning length cycle, once you’ve turned the air purifier on, you can set it to 2,4,6,8,10, or 12 hours. The timer light will show you how much time is remaining in the cycle in two-hour increments, and the air purifier will turn itself off once the cycle is complete.

The Filter icon has a small LED at the top which will glow red when your True HEPA Filter needs replacing, but you should check the black carbon pre-filter once a month to see if it is gray from dust and debris; if it is, you should replace it. You can order replacement filters individually or as sets from the Pure Company. The carbon pre-filter replacements are $18 each, the True HEPA Filter replacements are $58, and a full filter replacement set (which includes one carbon pre-filter, a True-HEPA Filter, and a fresh aromatherapy pad for the port on top) is $78. The Pure Company also offers a 6-month replacement filter subscription service that might come in handy if you are running the air purifier all the time.

The last button is Power, which simply turns the air purifier on or off.

I should mention that each time each of these buttons is pushed, you’ll hear a chime.

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