Sleep Soundly with SleepScore’s Monitoring Sensor

Sleep Soundly with SleepScore's Monitoring Sensor

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In recent years, people have started to collect all sorts of personal data. The popularity of fitness trackers has inspired techies and non-techies alike to actively monitor their health using technology.

As people begin to realize just how vital sleep quality is to physical and mental well-being, many companies have developed new ways for people to track their sleep quality at home. Some sleep monitoring systems are integrated into wearable fitness trackers, while others are intended solely to help people get a better night’s rest.

There are currently a large number of dedicated sleep monitors on the market, ranging from rudimentary apps to high-tech mattresses. For consumers, it’s often unclear how accurately these systems detect and record sleep patterns.

If you’re aiming to use technology to get the best sleep possible, it’s important to invest in a sleep monitoring system that’s based on accurate scientific research. The SleepScore Max sleep monitoring sensor is an evidence-based system that takes accurate measurements from your bedside table to provide you with personalized advice.

Evidence-Based Sleep Monitoring

The SleepScore Max system collects data by scanning the person while they sleep using ultra-wideband technology, which is similar to ultra-low energy radar. The device measures and records a number of factors related to sleep quality, including duration, REM and respiration rate, and uses that information to provide the user with science-based tips and information on their sleeping patterns.

The science behind SleepScore Max is based on more than 12 years of research, and the team responsible includes experts in neurology, sleep science and medicine. Though it’s not a medical device, it has been validated against clinical standards.

SleepScore technology has also been found to detect some sleep changes more accurately than other commercially available sleep-tracking wearables. It provides as much, if not more, accuracy than the average layperson would need to understand and improve their sleep.

Convenient Data Collection

When you purchase the SleepScore Max, you receive the physical device as well as access to the premium version of the app. The device itself looks sleek and sits beside your bed, detecting your sleep patterns as well as environmental factors, such as light and sound in the room.

One obvious upside of the SleepScore Max is its convenience. Unlike some other sleep monitors, which may need to be worn on the wrist or placed on the mattress, the bedside sensor won’t interfere with your sleep. This is helpful if you’re particular about the feeling of your bed or what you wear to sleep.

The system’s app also makes viewing data convenient. All the complex information collected by the sensor is displayed in the app in a way that’s both informative and useful.

When you open up the app in the morning, you’ll receive a sleep score for the night based on six criteria. You’ll also receive scores for mind, body and respiratory rate. The app provides detailed information about these factors and explains their importance to sleep quality, so you can learn about sleep as you work to improve your own.

Actionable Advice to Improve Sleep Quality

Sleep Soundly with SleepScore's Monitoring Sensor

Image via SleepScore

Both SleepScore Max and the premium SleepScore app provide users with features to make improving sleep as easy as possible. The app includes a smart alarm to help you wake up in the morning, as well as personalized tips for improving sleep quality. These tips synthesize data over a few days and provide actionable ways to improve apparent sleep issues.

SleepScore Max users will also have access to the company’s Sleep Store through the app, which can provide resources to further improve sleep quality. The store is a collection of products that SleepScore’s developers have tested for efficacy in improving sleep quality.

These tools provided by the Max system allow users to improve their sleep by an average of 45 minutes. The system offers not only accurate sleep data but also concrete steps to sleeping well.

Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Though there are a wide variety of sleep monitors on the market, the SleepScore Max system is one of the most comprehensive. The system is science-backed yet easy enough to use without being a sleep expert yourself — although the app certainly gives you enough information to become an expert if you want to.

As with any health monitoring system, the SleepScore Max has room for improved accuracy. However, if you’re hoping to improve your sleep quality today, you might consider trying it out.

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