Sleeping on the Tulo Mattress Is Amazing

If you’re looking for a mattress that you can customize to your liking, be it soft or firm, at a more than reasonable price, you should consider the tulo Mattress. We got our hands on one, so let’s dive in.


Sleeping on the Tulo Mattress Is Amazing

A lot of mattress companies have gone with the bed-in-a-box approach, which allows the buyer to purchase the mattress and have it automatically delivered to their home instead of searching for a friend with a pickup truck to bring it to their home.

Tulo follows this same approach with their mattresses, but with one extra incentive that’s certain to set it apart from the competition: Being produced by Mattress Firm.

Sleeping on the Tulo Mattress Is Amazing

When my wife and I selected the Queen Sized Soft tulo Mattress, we knew for a fact that it would go into our guest bedroom for when we have company over and they needed something comfortable to lie on.

We opted for the soft setting over the firm mattress after consulting with friends and family who have slept over before, asking what they would like out of their sleep; 6 of 7 suggested that a softer mattress is typically a good counter to whatever they have at home.

At that point, it was settled to get the soft version, which tulo states is perfect for side sleepers, couples included.

Sleeping on the Tulo Mattress Is Amazing

The construction of the 10” mattress includes a white woven cover in a soft fabric material, with four hybrid foam layers to maximize sleep.

There’s a cooling element thanks to ventilated memory foam so you won’t sweat in your sleep from it getting too warm, as well as a soft foundation layer to fully balance out your body’s movements throughout the night. tulo Describes the layering as such:

  • 2” ventilated memory foam, integrated with titanium particles for cooling.
  • 1.5” responsive firm foam with an exclusive peak & valley design to promote airflow.
  • 1.5” strut reinforced foam to minimize material fatigue and reduce surface compression.
  • 4” soft-density polyurethane foundation foam supports the layers above.

Sleeping on the Tulo Mattress Is Amazing

The queen-sized tulo mattress that we received retails for $650 — a significant price cut from its competition, which can start between $800 and 1000 for the same bed size.

What’s better is that Mattress Firm personally delivered the mattress to me, unboxed it, as well as set it up. One thing I found pretty interesting is that they do take your previous mattress (only if you tell them that’s what you’d like), and they donate the mattress to local shelters, which is a great method of re-purposing if you ask me.

This is also great for those of you who have had a package stolen before since tulo schedules a delivery according to when you are available.

In this case, the company gave us a 10 am delivery time with the driver promptly calling us in route, and again when they were in front of our home. This would typically be an additional $99 charge at a mattress and bedding company, so I’m very happy that this came included.

Sleeping on the Tulo Mattress Is Amazing

While watching the two gentlemen unbox the bed by cutting the plastic and allowing the bed to expand on its own, I noticed that the tulo took shape pretty quickly.

Since the bed came in a box, compressed, and essentially vacuum sealed, I was surprised it only took about 15 minutes for the mattress to expand to its full size. The company suggests still allowing an additional 2-3 hours before lying on the bed to give it time to recover the sides.

Sleeping on the Tulo Mattress Is Amazing

What I found out about lying on the bed for two weeks as a test is this is great for side sleepers. Both my wife and I tend to move around in our sleep, settling in on our sides over time, and the tulo works marvelously with this.

The memory foam top layer moves with us, constantly adjusting to our movements, even if we’re sitting up in bed watching television.

I believe that the tulo is a great introduction to your home, especially if you are a side sleeper. While I did not have the chance to check out the firmer mattresses, in my testing, I can say that my back and joints were pleased with the sleep I received using the Tulo mattress.

Our guests who have slept over, including a relative who has chronic shoulder pain suggested that the tulo mattress allowed for pain-free sleep throughout the night.

Sleeping on the Tulo Mattress Is Amazing

Unlike another mattress that we tested previously, the tulo did not have an odd odor after unboxing, nor did we have a problem with what’s called “Edge Support” for weight distribution.

We tend to both lay at the ends of the bed, with the middle left for Sparky the dog, so the memory foam distinction of supporting both of us has held up so far, and it will continue to since it’s situated in a room where it will get enough use from various weights and body types.

Tulo mattresses start at $499.99; they are available from Mattress Firm.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Comfortable for side sleepers; All in one setup and delivery package

What Needs Improvement: If you are not a fan of memory foam mattresses, this may not be the one for you

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