Scientists Photograph a Black Hole, the World Is Probably Not Ending

My son is absolutely fascinated by science but he is terrified of black holes. For the longest time, I managed to assuage his concern by convincing him that black holes were too far for us to even see, but now science has gone and made me a liar. Also, it looks like we found Sauron, so if anyone has the One Ring, be careful.

Scientists Photograph a Black Hole, the World Is Probably Not Ending

It’s actually a really amazing achievement, all joking aside. It required coordinating a number of telescopes, locating the black hole, and getting it to smile at the right time. Washington Post has a clip of the scientists explaining how they did it:

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go binge-watch Event Horizon and Interstellar while reading the short story Finis and trying to convince myself we haven’t taken a hard right into a horror movie.

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