Going Places This Summer? Why Not TravelPro

There’s a lot of trendy looking luggage out there with battery packs and a bunch of tricks and gadgets, but sometimes, it’s better to keep it basic, especially you plan on traveling with more than two nights worth of clothes. This where TravelPro comes in handy.

Going Places This Summer? Why Not TravelPro

Over the past few years, I’ve reviewed plenty of TravelPro’s products, so having the opportunity to check out their Elite Crew edition intrigued me. I’ve always seen the flight crew carrying special looking carry-on luggage and envied that it was not available to us commoners. This is no longer the case, as TravelPro is offering consumers the SAME materials used in their Flight Crew Line with their limited edition CREW EXPERT collection.

Going Places This Summer? Why Not TravelPro

Available in two models — the Global Carry-On Expandable Rollaboard and the Max Carry-On Expandable Rollaboard. Both models are built for extreme use, incorporating a honeycomb frame system, robust corner armor, and crash-guard wheel housings that provide ultimate protection. And just like Flight Crew bags, Crew Expert is packed with organizational compartments to make life on the road easier.

I received the Expandable Rollaboard to check out and it’s virtually everything you could want from luggage. Coming complete with plenty of internal storage, this is the perfect suitcase for getting out of town for a few days and not accidentally forgetting a few needed items. As someone who is a chronic over-packer, the Crew Expert Carry-On comes with two outer pockets that you won’t receive on a hardshell from other companies, which I use exclusively for storing my MacBook and an extra pair of shoes at the base. The upper zipper I tend to carry my wall charger, and two cables for charging my devices (which is easily accessible). This is ideal when you’re going through the terminal and finally find that outlet that’s available and need to quickly charge.

Going Places This Summer? Why Not TravelPro

Like most luggage these days it does come with a retractable arm that allows you to transport easily, and even as someone who enjoys roll around wheels, this bag, in particular, allows me to maneuver well. So much so my Grandmother plans on using this suitcase for her first-ever trip to Vegas. When I asked her why, she said the highlight for her is the side compartment for her dirty clothes or even special clothes like her hats and toiletries that she wants to separate from other fabrics.

Going Places This Summer? Why Not TravelPro

Both of these bags are TSA-Compliant which will easily get stored in an overhead compartment, and won’t get damaged easily thanks to the tough rubber edges and materials on the external portions of the bag. The zippers are durable as well which will ease your fears of them getting caught or broken on a flight.

Overall, if you’ve been looking for an elite looking bag at a reasonable price that will even make your pilot smile knowing you’re traveling in style and storage, you should check our the Crew collection by heading over to TravelPro’s site today.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Super durable and made of quality materials

What Needs Improvement: Nothing I can find

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