FireBoard Brings WiFi while Watching BBQ

I smoke a lot of meat and closely monitor temps in the pit as well as the meat. Some of these cooks can be up to 16 hours which can be a long time tied to the smoker. I recently was able to try out the FireBoard WiFi thermometer ($189-$249) and it has been a game changer. Let’s take a look.

FireBoard is a digital thermometer that operates through a phone app or on the web using up to six probes. As a BBQ fan and member of a competition BBQ team, temperature monitoring is super important and FireBoard connects via WiFi and uploads temps to the cloud. These temperatures can then be monitored on a phone, tablet, or web browser and includes alerts for each probe. The included Li-Ion rechargeable battery lasts over 24 hours and should never fail during those long cooks. If there is no WiFi available, FireBoard will still connect to a phone via Bluetooth. Probes can be renamed at any time easily from the phone or web and temps can even be monitored on an Apple Watch. In the kitchen and hands are tied, ask Alexa what the temps are and she will fill you in. This is truly a tech connected device.

FireBoard measures in at 3.9″W x 2.4″H x 1.1″D and weighs only 4.6 oz. It includes 6 channel inputs for temperature probes and a micro USB charging port. Power and select buttons make use from the board itself minimalist and information is displayed on a 128×32 pixel backlit LCD display. This device is not designed to be monitored from the screen, but you can see battery, connection and temps. There is also an auxiliary port on the side for other accessories. I received the Extreme BBQ Edition which includes 6 meat probes and 2 ambient probes with clips. This option costs $249 and includes everything you will ever need. An option with 2 meat probes and an ambient probe is also available for $189.00. Probes can also be purchased separately.

Connecting FireBoard is fast and easy. I the phone app and it walked me through the steps to sign up for an account and then connect to the wifi. It literally takes seconds to be up and running.

Once connected, you are ready to cook. The device connects well to wifi, but you will need to test the range where you cook at home. Walls and garage doors will change the location you can connect. This is a common wifi issue, not a FireBoard issue. Mine connects just fine in my driveway where I use my pellet smoker.

Once all of the probes are set and named, you can simply walk away and monitor the cook. I quickly discovered that the left side of my grill was much hotter than the right side. Much needed information. The FireBoard also kept me from opening the lid and checking the meat. If you are looking, you are not cooking! My first cook was two small briskets for a luncheon at my wife’s work. I actually made a few trips into town and ran errands and never felt anxious about temps. They were right there on my phone. I even shared the cook with some of my teammates and they were able to monitor from their work desks. The battery still had 55% battery after the 12 hour cook.

There are multiple views during a cook. I have found that I prefer the stacked graph with all of the temps at the top. Temps are updated every few seconds and are pretty close to live.


While I was cooking and on an errand, I wondered if I could see the temps on my watch. To my surprise, there indeed was an Apple Watch app. Game changer! Much easier for a quick glance at temps and I also can use it while wearing BBQ gloves or if my hands are too dirty to grab my phone. It truly is a geek’s device!

My briskets turned out fantastic and brought rave reviews at the luncheon. Little did those people know, I was not sitting by the pit monitoring the cook for 12 hours. I ran errands, slept, and carried on with my day. All of this was thanks to the FireBoard. This device will totally change my cooking habits, and it is easy to use and set up. I cannot recommend it enough to any cooking enthusiasts that closely monitor temperatures.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Temperature monitoring via the cloud with 6 accurate probes is a game changer! Excellent battery and build quality

What Needs Improvement: I really wish the FireBoard had an included magnet!

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