Good Dee’s Review: My Wife Has Found Bliss in My Baking

A lot of people are into low-carb keto diets; I know I’ve tried and failed at them multiple times, mainly because I have poor structural habits when it comes to limits in my foods. I like good snacks, but most of the good treats have everything bad for you. Then there’s Good Dee’s, a product that has changed our household snacking habits, much to the enjoyment of my wife.

Good Dee’s Review: My Wife Has Found Bliss in My Baking

If you Google “Good Dee’s”, what comes up is “Low Carb, Keto Friendly” mixes, and yes that’s ideally what the brand is, but a bit more research will make you appreciate the creator. Deana, the owner and founder of Good Dee’s inspired me with her stories of Keto, Ketosis, and living with a family who won’t necessarily follow the same practices as she does in terms of cooking. Living a low carb, ketogenic lifestyle, I had the opportunity to share a lighthearted conversation with her that went above and beyond the traditional “this is my company, this is my brand”.

For reference, my wife has Type-1 Diabetes, and before she and I started dating, my only real reference to Type-1 happened to be the movie “Panic Room” which hasn’t aged that well when you watch it today. My wife monitors every single carb to the “T”, so one thing that has honestly only had about 14 uses in my household in 2 years is our standing mixer. Good Dee’s recipes are so simple, even a guy like me can figure them out.

Good Dee’s products are like I said earlier, low carb, diabetic friendly mixes that result in lighter mixes that are tasty to most appetites without completely obliterating your calorie goal. My wife and I managed to make the Classic Brownie mix over the weekend, and I’ll have to say, I’ve never seen her more excited. To the point which, after we froze the leftovers to eat through the week, they were all gone (all remaining 10) on Monday morning, after we had made them Saturday evening.

Good Dee’s recipes are “K.I.S.S.” or “keep it simple, stupid” appropriate. What I enjoy is that you have OPTIONS with the products, like with the Chocolate Brownie, you can either have the cake like brownies, or the fudge like brownies. The recipe itself only requires the bare essentials, as Deana has done the bulk of the legwork herself, opting to make the process for the consumer as easy as cracking 2-3 eggs, melting unsalted butter, and mixing it into a bowl before pouring the batter into an 8×8 pan.

Good Dee’s Review: My Wife Has Found Bliss in My Baking

Now I’ll be clear, I do not have a standard 8×8 pan, so my wife and I made do with what we had, and it came out fantastic. The art of experimenting in the kitchen is knowing you’re bound to screw up somehow, but if you know anything about cooking, some of your biggest screw-ups can end up being the best recipes. In our efforts, we didn’t opt for traditional butter, or coconut oil like stated on the box (because of high fat intake and carbs), so we did the lesser of two evils and went full “I Believe it’s not Butter” route, and believe me when I tell you…. it was Deeeeeeelicious.

Good Dee’s Review: My Wife Has Found Bliss in My Baking

I’m a fan of Good Dee’s, and I feel as though it’s one of the very few brands where the owner is completely involved in the process because honestly, she is going through it. The Keto diet, while strict, allows you to practice patience, perseverance, and the ability to step outside of your norms to enjoy, as well as creative things within limits. Good Dee’s somehow manages to check all of those boxes without compromising its own integrity, and honestly, after spending time with Deana, I can truly say, my home has never snacked better since being introduced to Good Dee’s.

For more information on Good Dee’s, head over to their site.

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What I Like: What’s Not to like, seriously?

What Needs Improvement: There are only 12 servings per container

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