Otterbox Has You Covered with Excellent Protection for Your New iPhone 11 Series Phones

When you talk about mobile phone protection, one name comes up over and over again: Otterbox. My wife refuses to buy a new phone until there’s an Otterbox case to protect it. Otterbox built a reputation for cases that can put up with all sorts of abuse and their new line of cases for the iPhone 11 is no exception.

Otterbox was kind enough to send a sampling of their new cases for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Max and we were happy to receive them. Included was a Symmetry Series Otter + Pop case, a plain Symmetry Series case, a Commuter Series case, a Lifeproof Nëxt case, and an Amplify anti-glare screen protector.

Symmetry Series interior

The Symmetry Series is Otterbox’s response to those who want great protection for their phone without the bulk of one of their more “bulletproof” cases. It’s a case made from synthetic rubber and polycarbonate and it easily slips onto and off of your phone. It has an ultra-slim profile with precision design, which ensures the covered volume and power buttons work perfectly. The case has a raised screen bumper to ensure your screen won’t hit the ground or won’t get scratched when you put the phone down on a table. The Symmetry Series also features decent drop protection, though Otterbox doesn’t specify tested drop heights.

Symmetry Series “Feeling Rusty”

The Symmetry Series “Feeling Rusty” case is what I’ve been using on my phone on a daily basis because it meets almost all of my criteria; it’s thin, light, has drop protection, and looks really slick. All buttons work great, and it doesn’t feel huge in my pocket. My only complaint would be that the back is slightly slick and it can slide around on smooth surfaces. The Symmetry Series for the iPhone 11 Pro Max retails for around $50.95.

Otter + Pop

The Symmetry Series Otter + Pop case is very similar to the standard Symmetry Series but with one important difference: it has a Popsocket built-in! It has the same slim profile as the Symmetry Series case, it’s wireless charging compatible, but directly in the middle of the phone is an extendable Popsocket, which is great for getting a better grip on your phone.   A nice added bonus is that the Popsocket face is swappable, so you can buy a different design when you get bored with the old one.

I liked the Otter + Pop case, however, I found that I didn’t find I used the Popsocket often enough to keep it on my phone. The nice thing about this case, however, is that unlike a standard Popsocket that protrudes from your phone at all times, the Popsocket is recessed into the back of the case when it’s not extended. The Otter + Pop Symmetry Series retails for $60.95.

Lifeproof Nëxt pieces

The Lifeproof Nëxt case is a seriously sleek case that provides protection from 2-meter drops while also blocks dirt, dust, snow, and debris. The two-piece design consists of a rear cover plate and bumper that click together to complete the installation. The case is IP5X rated, which confirms the dust/debris protection while not being tested for water ingress, which makes sense because the camera port is open.

Lifeproof Nëxt details

While I’ll admit that the two separate pieces of the Nëxt case feel a bit flimsy on their own, they don’t feel that way once the case is assembled around the phone. The flap protecting the lightning port is easy to operate, as are the buttons. It’s a slim, nice-looking way to add additional protection to your phone. The Lifeproof Nëxt retails for $80.99.

Otterbox Commuter Series

Otterbox also sent an Otterbox Commuter Series case for the iPhone 11, which is the least surprising case we’ve seen only because there isn’t much change from previous iPhone generations. Why fix it if it ain’t broke? The Commuter Series maintains the two-piece design with a soft inner synthetic rubber slipcover and hard polycarbonate outer shell. This design offers great drop protection as well as grippy edges that will help keep the phone in your hands. My wife still has this exact design on her iPhone 7, and while it’s definitely beaten up, her phone has survived.

Otterbox Commuter Series in two pieces

The Commuter Series for iPhone 11, featuring a slim design with great drop protection as well as dust protection will set you back around $40.99.

Otterbox Amplify anti-glare screen protector

Finally, Otterbox also sent a sample of their Amplify anti-glare screen protector. While we don’t have an iPhone 11 on-hand just yet, we can tell that it’s made from high-quality glass that was engineered by Corning. It comes with a plastic frame that helps you perfectly install the screen protector, which is always appreciated. The glare-guard provides enhanced readability of your screen in all conditions, including bright sunlight while also allowing you to save battery life by turning down the screen brightness while maintaining clarity.

The Amplify screen protector is compatible with all Otterbox cases, allowing you to provide your phone with 360-degree protection. Another great feature is Otterbox’s limited lifetime warranty that allows you to get a replacement without a receipt, registration, or the hassle of returning your screen protector. You can grab your Amplify anti-glare screen protector for the iPhone 11 for $64.95.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review samples

What I Like:  Great designs; Most cases are slim and lightweight; Excellent protection for your phone

What Needs Improvement: Not much that I could see


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