What Do YOU See in This Picture?

What Do YOU See in This Picture?

This is a picture of my infected tooth. The tooth is gone now, but there’s a debate raging on-what do you see in this picture? I’ve been told it looks like a jellyfish, but Judie’s husband says he sees a rifle. So in the Rorschach test that is my x-ray, what do you see? Jellyfish? Rifle? Something else?

Let us know in the comments; it will make my poor swollen mouth feel better if you comment.

What Do YOU See in This Picture?

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4 Comments on "What Do YOU See in This Picture?"

  1. Jelly fish holding a rifle, duh! ?

  2. Jelly fish holding a rifle, duh! ?

  3. That’s totally a rifle! đŸ˜‰

  4. That would explain everything! The jellyfish went rogue on me!

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