Moshi’s Umbra Privacy Screen Protector Review: Keep Prying Eyes Away

Regardless of whether you’re in the coffee shop or if you’re in the office, privacy screens are a help. If you happen to have a MacBook, the best privacy screen that I’ve tried out is the Moshi Umbra Privacy Screen Protector.

Moshi’s Umbra Privacy Screen Protector Review: Keep Prying Eyes Away

The Moshi Umbra for MacBook Pro is a great way to protect your data from prying eyes. What’s interesting about this is not only that protects your screen, but even if you ruin the installation process of it, the protector itself is washable and reusable, which extends the product life. I thought this was interesting because I am absolutely terrible at putting on screen protectors. Regardless of whether it’s a tablet, a smartphone, or even with my MacBook Pro, I’ve had a problem with screen bubbles or just a little hair that’s just been floating around my apartment somehow, inexplicably getting on the back of the screen protector itself. This isn’t the case with the Umbra. So with the ability to cloak your screen, the Umbra has a blue light filter that reduces the blue light emissions by up to 35% that makes sure that you can view your screen for long hours. And as someone who uses multiple apps, this is a great way of staying in the now when it comes to using my computer.

Moshi’s Umbra Privacy Screen Protector Review: Keep Prying Eyes Away

With a 50-degree viewing angle, the people that sit over to your side at coffee shops can no longer Just swoop see what you’re doing on your computer. This is perfect for tight spaces like on an airplane. The only issue is you just probably have to find an airplane that has space for those 15″ Macbooks. I don’t know what I would do without the Umbra — not only does it protect my eyes from the blue light of the screen, its great to know that nobody on looking from the sides or behind me can just look at what I’m doing, safeguarding my on-screen content. I could watch a movie, I could be browsing, surfing the web, or even doing what I’m doing right now — the person next to me won’t ever know.

If you’re interested in picking up one for yourself, head over to Moshi’s site.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Privacy, obviously; Reusability

What Needs Improvement: Expensive at $65

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