Branching out from Boxers to Boxer Briefs? Beau Ties Might Be Your Best Bet

As a man, there’s not much worse when it comes to wearing boxers than when they ride up or get twisted. I recently had the chance to check out Beau Ties, a brand that aims to become your go-to pair regardless if you’re wearing them to the gym or on date night

Based in Vermont, Beau Ties began as an independent bow tie company for folks who found it tough to get high-quality ties to wear to work that didn’t look ridiculous. The company has thrived, not only ties but in accessories and other apparel, including underwear for men.

At $13 a pair, the price is modest for what you receive in a pair of boxer briefs. Made of a blended Pima cotton that stays cool and dry, when wearing my Beau Ties briefs, I don’t feel the need to step into a corner to readjust myself multiple times a day because the underwear has risen from moving about my day. Thanks in part to the no-roll waistband, Beau Tie boxer briefs stay in place all day. What’s more, they also have a horizontal fly, compared to the vertical fly you’d get in most boxer briefs, which is great for avoiding the “balls and club” from getting out of their casing so to speak.

Overall I enjoy these boxer briefs, and they come in second to my favorite underwear ever — mainly because you can get them for much less than other premium brands (you can even purchase a 3-pack for $33). For more information on Beau Ties boxer briefs, head over to their site for more information.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Horizontal fly is incredible and nestle in all of the right ways; Don’t “smash” my man parts; Breathable material great for athletics as well (particularly running)

What Needs Improvement: Color/design could use a bit of a refresh, but if you are a fan of solid colors you won’t mind the selection they offer

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