TCL Blows Minds but Not Budgets with Their New TCL 10 Series Phones

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The world is on lockdown, but technology marches on…and if you’ve been trapped with a sub-par phone and a tight budget, it’s TCL to the rescue with three new Android devices that leverage their expertise in sharp, vivid screens! Now you can watch Tiger King on your phone the way Joe Exotic intended!

TCL Blows Minds but Not Budgets with Their New TCL 10 Series Phones

TCL has three new phones to cover everyone’s needs …

TCL Blows Minds but Not Budgets with Their New TCL 10 Series Phones

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TCL 10 5G: This shouldn’t need to be clarified, but no, 5G will not give you coronavirus, so please don’t burn down any phone towers. Now that we’ve established that, the TCL 10 5G sports a 6.53″ screen with a Qualcomm 5G chip inside, so your quarantine will fly by with plenty of speedy internet to help. And if you do happen to venture outside, the phone also has a 64MP main camera, a wide-angle lens, a macro lens, and a depth camera for Bokeh. That way you can document the “outside” and look at your photos on a nice big screen, then email them with ease to remind people you haven’t seen in a month what you look like. An additional trick — the phone can act as a power bank and charge other phones or devices! Phoneception! Look for the TCL 10 5G in select regions for €399/£399.

TCL Blows Minds but Not Budgets with Their New TCL 10 Series Phones

TCL 10 Pro: If you’re looking for the best screen and viewing experience, then check out the TCL 10 Pro. It sports a NXTVISION screen, which TCL says is so sharp it allows you to watch Netflix in HDR10 (basically, Nailed It! will look as good as humanly possible on a phone now). They’ve also managed to tuck a fingerprint reader under the screen, plus the screen itself is curved and offers a rounded edge for side controls. It will also sport 4 cameras on the back, so you can enjoy high definition content and produce it too! The TCL 10 Pro will impress your friends but won’t kill your wallet at only $449.

TCL Blows Minds but Not Budgets with Their New TCL 10 Series Phones

TCL 10L: If you liked NXTVISION but your budget doesn’t stretch to the Pro, there’s the 10L. You’re giving up some power with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 processor, but TCL does include some software AI to control power consumption and help the phone run smoothly. You do still get 4 rear cameras and a 6.53in screen, but the real feature here is the price of only $249. You get to enjoy a high definition phone experience, and your wallet doesn’t smack you while you sleep. Win-win!

Look for TCL’s phone lineup this spring on their site.

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