The KeySmart NanoTorch Twist Lights Up the Night


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There are two tools I always have readily available, a sharp pocket knife and a powerful flashlight. Flashlight technology has improved so that even the brightest ones are more pocketable. The KeySmart NanoTorch Twist fits the bill, and with the added “twist” feature, it is even more usable. Let’s take a look!

The NanoTorch Twist measures 4.5″ long when completely straight, and it is less than an inch wide; it weighs in at 3.25 ounces. The Twist even includes a removable pocket clip, so I can comfortably carry the light in my front right pocket. The case is made of machined aluminum, and it has a soft matte finish that feels good in the hand.

The KeySmart NanoTorch Twist Lights Up the Night

The package includes the light, a rechargeable battery, and a small micro-USB charging cable. The included 750mAh Li-Ion battery is unique since it charges directly from the microUSB cable via a port near the battery’s positive end. Each charge should give up to 7 hours of use on the flashlight’s lowest brightness setting, so it hasn’t yet required daily charging.

The KeySmart NanoTorch Twist Lights Up the Night

The ability for the flashlight head to twist and the addition of the pocket clip along with a strong magnet on the tail cap makes it usable in many situations. You can clip the light on a cap or in a shirt, and you will be able to find the right angle to give you hands-free lighting. I recently used it while working under my golf cart, and I liked being able to stick the magnet directly to the golf cart’s frame and twist the beam to shine exactly where it was needed; the design is really handy.

The KeySmart NanoTorch Twist Lights Up the Night

The Twist includes five modes: High (600 Lumens), Medium (250 Lumens), Low (100 Lumens), Strobe, and SOS. Holding the power button turns the light on or off. Each tap of the power button cycles through the brightness modes, and holding the button down longer while the LED is on activates the strobe or SOS functions.

The KeySmart NanoTorch Twist Lights Up the Night

I love to carry a good flashlight, and the NanoTorch Twist has been very usable. Between its long battery life and the three brightness options, it has proven to be a great flashlight. Add in the twist feature, and the light becomes useful in almost any situation. Hands-free lighting helps me in the outdoors, when working on my cart or Jeep, and also while I am working the smoker. If you are searching for a high-powered, rechargeable light that is easy to carry, this is a great option.

The KeySmart NanoTorch Twist Lights Up the Night

The KeySmart NanoTorch Twist retails for $59.95, and it is available directly from the manufacturer.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I like: Great battery life; Rechargeable Li-Ion battery; Rugged case; The twist feature is fantastic; Perfect for everyday carry; Magnet on the tail cap is very conveneint

What could be improved: Nothing I’ve yet seen — I love this light

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