The Moft Carry Sleeve Is a Versatile Case and Lap Desk for Every Situation

When Jess and I went into the hospital, I told myself I would be carrying my MacBook Pro to browse the internet and get some things done in between monitoring the baby. But I needed something to actually carry it around in. Just in time, the Moft Carry Sleeve arrived at my doorstep.

The Moft Carry Sleeve Is a Versatile Case and Lap Desk for Every Situation

A 4-in-1 case, the Moft Carry Sleeve is a carrying case, a two-position stand, and a storage case for your MacBook and belongings.

The Moft Carry Sleeve Is a Versatile Case and Lap Desk for Every Situation

Available in Green, Brown, Tan, Blue, or Black, I opted for the Black just because it’s never failed me. Looking back I should’ve gone with the Brown, but I feel like the leather of the Black will hold up a bit better over time, especially if I intend to make this the only thing I carry into the office.

The Moft Carry Sleeve Is a Versatile Case and Lap Desk for Every Situation

Being in the hospital for close to a week was less than ideal, especially sitting in the Cafeteria attempting to get articles typed up, so the Moft Carry Sleeve came in handy over those days. The two positioning angles (15 and 25 degrees) allowed me to perfectly situate my laptop so I could view it at the right angles without straining my neck or my fingers when I was typing. While using it, I was worried that pressing down on my laptop’s keys, or prolonged usage, in general, might eventually cause the angles to fold the case in, but I was pleasantly surprised to be proven wrong.

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I critically overpack. Regardless of whether it’s a three-day trip or a two-week vacation, there’s always something in my bag that I’ll bring but never use. So with the Moft Carry Sleeve’s additional pouch, I’m somewhat limited in what I can bring, and that’s a good thing. I was able to pack my charging brick, two USB-C cables, and a pair of Airpods for listening. Even so, there was still room for my USB-C Multi-port, but I opted to leave that home; that portion of the bag is expandable enough, thanks to its neoprene material.

If I had to find anything that could be improved upon, it would perhaps be the ability to fit a secondary device. Many people who carry around laptops also carry a Kindle or an iPad, so it would’ve been nice to have a separate pocket for that. Aside from that wish list item, though, the Moft carrying sleeve has a great mobile desk solution that allows me to safely carry what I need, and with it, I can get the work I need to get done at a comfortable viewing angle.

The Moft Carry Sleeve is on Indiegogo for as low as $44; you can learn more and back it by clicking here. There are versions for the 13″ laptops, 13.3″ laptops, and 15″-16″ laptops.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Carries my Macbook, chargers, and a few extra daily carry items; Available in multiple colors; Viewing angles make the carry case extra functional; Made with leather and will last a long time

What Needs Improvement: It would be nice if it were possible to also have a slot for an iPad or Kindle


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