Acer Announces New Thin and Light Swift Laptops

The best part about laptops is the portability — you can work from your desk, your couch, and (pre-COVID) the local coffeehouse. Of course, the most crucial part of portability is that your laptop is light and not dependent on an outlet. Acer has got both covered with new Swift laptops running the Intel Evo platform.

There are a few criteria that the laptop has to meet for the Evo platform: instant wake, long battery life, and fast charging, along with generally snappy performance. Acer has fulfilled all these criteria with the Swift 3 and 5, plus several other impressive features. Swift 5 has Intel Iris X graphics, all-day battery life, and a 90% screen to bezel ratio. It’s also the first computer to be verified for the Evo platform and offers a special hinge to make typing more ergonomic. And in a nod to the times we live in, the touchscreen has an anti-microbial coating, and there will be an option to coat other high touch areas like the touchpad, keyboard, etc. with the same coating. Swift 5 hits this November, starting at $999.99.

Swift 3 has a few fun tricks too. Both the 13.5in screen and 14in screen models have metal chassis and are pending verification for the Evo platform. They’ll also offer backlit keyboards, Windows Hello login, and clock in at 2.62 and 2.65lbs, respectively. They’ll also have SSD storage and support up to 16GB RAM. Swift 3 with the 13.5in 2k display will start at $799.99, while the Swift 3 with 14″ screen and Full HD will start at $699.99, both arriving in November.

Via Acer.

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