P&G’s EC30 Line Highlights Sustainability and Carbon Neutral Cleaning


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P&G's EC30 Line Highlights Sustainability and Carbon Neutral Cleaning Listen to this article

If you think about the products you buy to clean yourself and your home, you’ll recognize that in many cases, the first ingredient is water and the packaging is plastic. Proctor & Gamble has created the EC30 Line to address these issues. By removing water, liquid stabilizers, and fillers, these cleaning products contain only the essential ingredients. They are sustainable, and for every EC30 product purchased, conservation projects in the US are funded.

P&G EC30 Products

Launched in 2019 (and yet, I am just now learning about it!), Proctor & Gamble’s EC30 line features products for your personal care routine that include face wash, body wash, shampoo, and conditioner. Their home care line includes handwash, laundry detergent, toilet cleaner, and a surface cleaner. The goal at EC30 is to “create cleaning products that leave no trace.” To that end, every component of their packaging is either reusable, biodegradable if composted, or recyclable. Products come packaged in a bamboo pulp and spent-sugar-cane box which is reusable or may be compostable if your community offers that, but if they don’t — you can actually mail the boxes back to EC30.

The products themselves are sent in single use swatches that activate with water from your tap, washing machine, or toilet. The swatches can be cut in half if, for instance, you have short hair and don’t need as much shampoo or conditioner as someone with longer hair mind need, or if you find that the handsoap gives you too many bubbles.

P&G EC30 Products

A list of ingredients (and what each ingredient is used for) is shown on the site for each product, and the scents used sound nice! Both the home products and personal care lines are described as having the “subtlety of crisp Granny Smith apples and softness of Bluebell flowers.” So if you like the fresh scent of apples, you should like these.

P&G EC30 Products

If you’re not sure if using a swatch of something instead of a more traditional plastic bottle would work for you, EC30 offers trial kits; for $50 (on sale now for $35), you can get the Try It All kit which includes five swatches each of the five Laundry, Toilet, Surface, Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body cleaners with ten swatches each of the Hand Wash and Face Wash. A $25 Hair & Body Trial Kit includes five swatches each of the Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash, and ten swatches of Face Wash. A $25 Home Care Trial Kit includes five swatches each of the Laundry, Toilet, and Surface Cleaners and ten swatches of the Hand Wash. If you like the products after trying them, full size product prices range from $19 to $29.

In the home care line, full-size products come with enough swatches to presumably get you through a month, which breaks down to 60 swatches for the hand cleaner, 30 swatches for the laundry detergent and surface cleaner, and 15 swatches for the toilet cleaner.  In the personal care line, full size products include 30 swatches for the body wash, shampoo, and the conditioner, while there are 60 swatches of the face wash. It seems to me that these would be idea to pack when traveling starts up again, as they could easily go in checked luggage without having to worry about liquids to declare.

EC30 products contain no microplastics, and they are gluten-free; although they are not certified as cruelty-free, EC30 says that the products you purchase have not been tested on animals. And while While EC30 products contain no ingredients that are directly derived from animals, they have not completed the certifications necessary to claim the product is Vegan and therefore recommend you treat it as not Vegan at this time. EC30 products are made and shipped from Cinncinati, Ohio. If you order the products and decide that they aren’t for you, EC30 offers a full refund within three weeks of purchase.

Learn more about Proctor & Gamble’s EC30 products by clicking here.

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