NOVE Trident Automatic Review: An Elegant and Slim Dive Watch That You Can Wear All the Time

The Lowdown

The NOVE Trident Automatic is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo. This is NOVE’s first automatic watch, and it is made with a Swiss-made Automatic R150 movement. It will be available in rose gold, blue, silver, and black.



  • I love the blue color
  • Thin
  • Comfortable
  • Good to depths of up to 200m
  • Mother of Pearl Dial is gorgeous, and the hands and numbers easy to read


  • Even with the pre-release discount on Indiegogo, this is a hefty investment

When Apple released the current Apple Watch, I immediately picked one up. I love the functionality, but there are times when I simply want a watch that tells time. That’s what the NOVE Trident Diver Watch delivers. The thin, 6.8mm dive watch is gorgeous; it is also tough and good for depths up to 660 feet!

The NOVE Trident Automatic Is on Indiegogo

The NOVE Trident Automatic is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo. The good news is that while the company is pursuing crowdfunding, it can produce some of the watches. That means backing the project won’t leave you worrying about whether you are backing vaporware that will never materialize. As someone who has been burned on another crowdfunding site, that’s important to me.

It is especially important since the NOVE Trident Automatic will have an MSRP of $690 when it launches later this spring. Backers can currently help fund the project on Indiegogo and get one of the first watches products for $480.

NOVE Trident Automatic

This is NOVE’s first automatic watch, and it is made with a Swiss-made Automatic R150 movement. It will be available in rose gold, blue, silver, and black.

NOVE Trident Automatic

The NOVE Trident Automatic’s dial is made from Tahitian Mother of Pearl. It is a material that can take up to two years before the oysters from which it is collected are mature enough to harvest.

NOVE Trident Automatic

It is worth the time and expense, though, since the material is absolutely gorgeous and enhances the watch appearance regardless of which of the four colors you select.

NOVE Trident Automatic

Ultra-Slim Design – Comfortable to Wear, No Shortcuts on Performance: The world’s slimmest luxury diving watch, the Trident Automatic is built to be just as comfortable as it is durable and functional. The uniquely milled and thin Double Curved Sapphire crystal on the dial maximizes available space, leaving proper room for the watch hands and movement rotor to function while still allowing the Trident to retain its ultra-thin design.

The NOVE Trident Automatic Unboxed

NOVE Trident Automatic

When you first pull the watch from the beautiful, protective presentation and storage box, the first thing you notice is just how thin it is.

NOVE Trident Automatic

At just 13.05mm, the company claims the NOVE Trident is “the world’s slimmest diver watch.” But while the watch is thin, it is also tough and built to withstand depths down to 200m/660ft.

Composed of a Double Curved Sapphire bezel and case backing, a Tahitian Mother of Pearl dial, and a new Automatic R150 movement, NOVE designed the Trident Automatic to retain a unique build that’s slim, durable, and sure to capture attention.

NOVE Trident Automatic

As noted, the watch will be available in several different finishes. I was sent one in blue for review. I honestly wasn’t sure I would like a blue dive watch. It could have been rather cheesy looking. Fortunately, this watch is anything but cheesy. The blue is deep but not so much that it calls too much attention to itself.

NOVE Trident Automatic

The hands and numbers are large and easy to see thanks to the NOVE’s use of what they refer to as “Super Luminous technology.” They explain it this way:

Super Luminous Materials for Adaptive Visibility: Featuring Super Luminous technology on the watch index and hands, the Trident Automatic produces a vibrant glow for easy visibility in the dark. Perfect for deep sea diving, the luminescent coating supports easy time-telling, anytime and anywhere.

So while the sharp contrast between the hands/numbers and the rest of the watch is aesthetically pleasing, it is also functional and a reminder that while this watch can easily be dressed up, it is ready for your next adventure.

NOVE Trident Automatic

The bezel, the deigning feature of dive watches, is also thoughtfully designed.

NOVE Trident Automatic

The NOVE Trident Automatic has a unique “3-lever stopper system.” (Those are the thin silver “arms” you can see at three spots around the Sapphire crystal.) This design ensures that the bezel is unidirectional, which is important, so divers know the elapsed time and can easily clean it after wearing it for a dive or snorkel.

NOVE Trident Automatic

Swiss-made quartz powers the Trident, and, as you might expect, a scratch-resistant Sapphire crystal was used to deliver the durability one expects from a serious dive watch. It all comes together to create a watch that is “perfectly stylish for board meetings or lavish balls, the Trident is a functional phenomenon.”

As NOVE explains:

Inspired by Poseidon, the King of the Sea, and his divine trident attribute, the NOVE Trident Automatic watch was built with strong water resistance in mind. Crafted specifically for diving, the Trident Automatic is a powerful marriage of design and engineering, resilient to heavy underwater pressures thanks to its water-resistant ability for up to 200 meters.

NOVE Trident Automatic

The thin design makes it one of the most comfortable watches I have ever worn. The stainless steel band is thick enough to feel substantial but not overly heavy. That’s important when one considers that this is a watch designed for use in the water.

NOVE Trident Automatic

The clear glass back lets you see the Swiss movement of this refined automatic watch.

NOVE Trident Automatic

The clasp is beautifully designed. Once closed, it isn’t coming open until you want it to.

NOVE Trident Automatic

And the crown screws down to help ensure the tight seal that makes this ideal for use in any environment, be it the ocean or skiing.

NOVE Trident Automatic Features

  • Movement: Swiss Quartz
  • Crystal: Sapphire
  • Hands: Super-LumiNova
  • Water Resistance: 200 Meters
  • Crown: Screw-Down
  • Band: Stainless Steel
  • Case: Stainless Steel
  • Bezel: Stainless Steel
  • Size: 46mm
  • Thickness: Ultra Slim 6.8mm
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Battery Life: 6 Years

NOVE Trident Automatic

Two years ago, Raina and I spent a week snorkeling in the Galapagos. I wish I had had this watch at the time. We were supposed to do a similar trip to Alaska last summer. That trip was obviously delayed, but we are hoping that this summer or the following summer at the latest, we will be able to reschedule. When we do, I will be wearing this watch.

The NOVE Trident Automatic Watch is gorgeous, refined, and tough enough to go from the boardroom to the surfboard. It is a functional piece of jewelry that will serve those looking for a reliable dive watch for years to come.

The NOVE Trident Automatic Watch will have an MSRP of $690, but you can currently back it on Indiegogo for just $480.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the NOVE Trident Automatic

What I Like: I love the blue color; Thin; Comfortable; Good to depths of up to 200m; Mother of Pearl Dial is gorgeous, and the hands and numbers easy to read

What Needs Improvement: Even with the pre-release discount on Indiegogo, this is a hefty investment

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