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December 7, 2009 • Reviews

iBend iPhone/iPod touch Stand Review


When Larry posted news about the iBend’s release, he hit the nail on the head with regard to the iPhone accessory’s main draw. As he put it “not everything in life has to be fancy“. He was right and no one could say the iBend is fancy. A few months after its initial release however, the iBend did get a bit fancier with the release of their new Artists Series. These added some artistic flair to the accessory and $1 to the $4.99 price of the “iBend Classic”.

We got our hands on one of the iBend Artist Series stands; here’s a quick look …


From the company:

Use your iBend™ on a plane, bus, or train – whilst lifting weights, eating breakfast, waiting at the sushi bar, getting your teeth cleaned, at a business meeting, sitting in traffic, serving on a jury or practicing yoga.

The slenderness of the iBend™ allows you to easily store it in your wallet, pocket or purse so you’ll always have one (or two) handy.


My Thoughts:

The iBend is one of those silly, simple accessories that I wish I had thought of.


It sits flat when not being used, since it is simply a piece of vinyl.


Two of the items come in each package and the “Artist” series as some whimsical flair to the rather bland, but practical “Classic”.


The material is perfectly shaped so that you can easily bend the product’s ends toward one another (hence the name) and slip in your iPhone or iPod touch.


The iBend holds the device surprisingly well.


The device doesn’t even have to be centered perfectly on the iBend for it to hold it well.

The iBend is one of those accessories that does exactly what it promises- no more, no less. And while many cases now come with stands, I have yet to find one that is as easy to carry with you all the time.


What I Like:

Does what it says, easy to carry everywhere, playfully designed

What Needs Improvement:

No matter how you slice it, you are paying $4.99 or $5.99 for two pieces of vinyl

For more information or to order visit the product site.

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