New Datacolor SpyderX Kits Include Specialized Tools for Photography and Graphic Design

When I was a kid, I considered a career as a photographer. I imagined being Ansel Adams, with a giant Hasselblad camera, or the next Dorothea Lange. Or a sports photographer, catching the thrill of victory or agony of defeat. I even took a year and a half of photography classes in middle school, and still toy with the fantasy by playing with such gizmos like the SpyderX Kits for photography and graphic design.

SpyderX Kits

I know that sounds like a come on, but it’s true: I do get excited when I see new photography gizmos by companies like Datacolor. Tripods, color processing tools, and all that stuff; yup, I’m a photography nerd.

I can’t do graphic design to save my life, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy pretending! And even with my lack of design skills, I believe I’m still a pretty decent photographer, all things considered. And there are plenty of tools now to help a nascent Ansel Adams out there now.

Each of the SpyderX Kits includes a SpyderX Pro, which Datacolor says is their most accurate, fastest, and easiest monitor color calibrator ever. They say that its “groundbreaking lens-based color engine provides a higher level of color accuracy for multiple monitors.” If you are a photographer or designed looking for a fast, precise, and easy to use monitor calibrator this is the one.

SpyderX Kits

Datacolor is offering two new SpyderX Kits:

  • The SpyderX Create Kit, which comes with SpyderX Pro, ColorReader EZ, Spyder Tripod, Spyder Shelf, and USB-C cable.
  • The SpyderX Mobile Pro Kit, which comes with SpyderX Pro, Spyder Cube, Spyder Tripod Pro, and a USB-C cable.

spyderx kits

Check out the Datacolor site for more details on what each SpyderX Kit contains, the specifics on the components, and every other thing you’d want to know.

The Datacolor SpyderX Kits are currently available at a limited-time price of $199. The Spyder X Mobile Pro Kit is being offered for an introductory price of $179 exclusively at Adorama.

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