Sleep Number True Temp Bedding Review: 37.5 Technology Provides Temperature-Regulating Comfort

The Lowdown

If staying at a comfortable temperature while you sleep is very important to you, and let’s face it — it should be — you’re going to love Sleep Number True Temp bedding. I was skeptical, but now I am a huge fan; this bedding has literally changed our sleep for the better!



  • The 37.5 Technology in the True Temp products really does help regulate your temperature as you sleep
  • True Temp bedding does not hold odor (unless a skunk gets in your house — then all bets are off)
  • The True Temp pillows hold up and stay comfortable — even for side sleepers
  • The weighted blanket made for one is perfect for use on the couch or on your bed
  • Elastic SmartFit straps on the fitted sheets keep them from inching up your mattress during the night
  • I don’t want to sleep with any of our other sheets anymore — that says a lot!


  • Sleep Number True Temp bedding is expensive (I look at it as an investment in a good night’s sleep)
  • You need to pay attention to the care labels before washing
  • True Temp sheets are not available in Twin or Full size

If you have trouble staying comfortable while you sleep — either because you aren’t cool enough or warm enough, this review will be of particular interest to you. In it, we’re taking a look at some of the items in the Sleep Number True Temp collection. These bedding items feature 37.5 Technology, which Sleep Number says will “continuously adapt to help keep your bed climate just right for sleeping using active particles [made from volcanic sand] to minimize humidity for ideal comfort.” If you haven’t heard about 37.5 Technology yet, that’s okay; I hadn’t either.

Sleep Number True Temp Weighted Blanket

So to start. 37.5 Technology gets its name from the ideal body core temperature, which is 37.5ºC with an ideal microclimate of humidity next to your skin being at 37.5%. Invented by Dr. Gregory Haggquist, a Ph.D. photo-physical chemist, 37.5 technology uses active particles made from volcanic sand that have billions of micropores, massively increasing the surface area of the material.

These particles also absorb infrared (IR) light in the spectrum that the human body emits it, and this light becomes the energy that powers the particle. If no moisture (sweat vapor) is present, meaning you are cool, the particles retain this energy to warm you. If moisture (sweat vapor) is present, meaning you are hot, the particles use this energy to move moisture out of the the clothing system [or in this case, the bedding material].

Without these active particles, water has no reason to leave the microclimate until relative humidity is much higher than what is comfortable. Want more? 37.5 active particles also trap odor molecules and then release them when they are washed and dried. And speaking of washing, because the active particles are permanently embedded in the fiber, they will last the lifetime of the garment [or again in this case, the bedding]

So it stands to reason that bedding made with this 37.5 Technology might help keep you more comfortable while sleeping, and Sleep Number happens to be one of the recognized brands that use it.

Before I start this review, allow me to digress for a moment. I promise that there’s a point to my long-winded side story …

Kev and I used to have to buy a new mattress every few years or so because one or both of us would eventually become uncomfortable on the one we had. It didn’t matter how much money we spent on the mattress (which was often several thousands of dollars) or what kind of warranty was offered; without fail, within a couple of years, we would notice that even with regular turning (and when we didn’t have a pillow-top mattress, flipping), Kev would ultimately end up sleeping in a body-shaped perma-valley while I was sleeping on a hill.

Not once did a manufacturer honor the warranty and replace our mattress because not once were the reps they’d send out “able to quantify the perma-valley” — even though they would agree that they could feel it. The one time a mattress’s perma-valley was so noticeable that it could be seen even with covers on the made bed, it didn’t fall within the mattress manufacturer’s “unacceptable guidelines.” Go figure.

So once again, we would bite the bullet and buy some other brand’s mattress to replace the one we couldn’t comfortably sleep on any longer.

On top of that major enough issue, every traditional mattress we bought seemed to really hold onto our body heat; this was less annoying in the winter, of course, but it was way less than ideal in the hot summer months. Kev tends to run hot when he sleeps, and it seemed like our mattresses would all hold onto his heat; at some point during the night, the heat would inevitably begin to creep over to my side of the bed. The big problem with this is that if I get hot while sleeping, I can’t sleep at all. It doesn’t matter if it is 2:30 am or 6 am when it happens; once I get hot, I’m up.

Having to replace our bed every few years was becoming an expensive bad joke, to be honest. Never mind that none of the three mattresses we went through while trying to find one that could last for longer than a couple of years ever took into account the simple fact that Kev and I actually preferred sleeping on different levels of firmness. One of us would always have to compromise, deferring to the other’s needs; that’s exactly how we selected each new mattress, time after time.

All of that changed when we decided to try something completely different. In January 2018, we threw down (that’s Texas-lingo for spending more money than usual) and bought a Sleep Number i10 360 Smart Bed. The amount we spent on that Queen size mattress, an integrated base, a Total Protection Mattress Pad, and the Remote for Smart Bed was $5474.82 after discounts, shipping, and taxes, which was a gulp-inducing number, but go big or go home, right?

But we figured that if the Sleep Number i10 360 Smart Bed worked for us and actually lasted for the 15 years that their limited warranty covers, we’d be saving money in the long run. Through Synchrony, the bank that Sleep Number uses, we were able to qualify for a set number of monthly payments at zero percent interest, so it was manageable.

With the Sleep Number i10 360 Smart Bed, Kev and I were each able to select a comfortable firmness setting for our own side of the bed. Unlike a traditional coil or foam mattress, the Sleep Number i10 360 will constantly adjust itself to maintain the comfort levels we’ve set as we move around at night. This meant that Kev could sleep with his side on 100 (in other words, super firm), and I could keep my side of the mattress at 65, which is still firm but not so firm that I feel like I am sleeping on a piece of plywood.

Throughout the three and a half years that we’ve been using the Sleep Number i10 360, we’ve never had a single issue with the hill/valley effect we dealt with from other mattresses. We also haven’t noticed any kind of sag in the middle of our bed between our two sleep numbers, but that might be an issue if I usually slept on a much lower number.

Bear in mind that the three-year mark is about the time we would have reached our breaking point with prior mattresses, and we would have been researching the next brand to try.

There have been some other benefits to upgrading to a Sleep Number i10 360 Smart Bed, as well. The first is that the bed is actually smart, so it connects to the SleepIQ app on each of our smartphones.

Each night, our Sleep Number i10 360 Smart Bed’s mattress takes biometric measurements while we sleep; in the morning, Kev and I can check the app to see a personalized report showing us how long it took to fall asleep, how much time was spent in restful versus restless sleep, any bed exits, our heart rates while sleeping, our HRV (heart rate variability), and our breath rate which all culminate in a quantified SleepIQ Score which can be synced with Fitbit, MapMyFitness, and Apple Health.

Kev’s average Sleep Score is 70, and mine is 68, both of which fall under what Sleep Number calls “really great.” Anything above 80 is considered “extraordinary,” and we both hit that (and above) on occasion.

Unfortunately, the SleepIQ app’s data doesn’t sync with MyFitnessPal or Google Health, but I also wear a Withings ScanWatch, which does much the same and connects to the apps that I use. I like to check the data gathered between our Sleep Number bed and the Withings app, and it’s usually very similar — unless I happen to get out of bed before Kev and he rolls onto my side, or I’m out of town and he takes over the whole bed — which inevitably messes up each of our SleepIQ Scores and stats. I can’t blame him for spread-eagling on the bed when he gets the chance, though.

We’ve opted in to participate with our collected data in research that Sleep Number is doing with the Mayo Clinic. With our consent, sleep researchers can analyze our anonymous sleep data and trends, to advance the science of sleep and health. I figure that’s a good thing.

Kev still sleeps hot, and as I’ve gotten older, I’ve also started sleeping hotter too (hello, menopause!*). Interestingly enough, the Sleep Number i10 360 Smart Bed has never dispersed any extra heat between the two sides of the bed. The mattress uses Smart 3D fabric, which Sleep Number says is “up to 50% more breathable for a cooler sleep.” The mattress also has Temperature Balancing, which absorbs excess heat and releases it as we cool down to keep us comfortable.

Temperature Balancing is the same term that Sleep Number uses to describe their True Temp bedding products, which use 37.5 Technology, which I’m reviewing here. Are you noticing a theme?

I also have to preface this review by saying that before we tried the Sleep Number True Temp bedding products that I’ll be talking about, there were times when I would still get too hot to sleep on our Sleep Number i10 360 Smart Bed comfortably. Because guess what? The sheets, blankets, and pillows we were using on our Temperature Balancing Sleep Number mattress were basically at odds with what the mattress was trying to do for our sleep comfort. And that’s where the Sleep Number True Temp bedding comes in.

[*TMI?: We are all friends here, right? Perimenopause and menopause are just facts of life for women of a certain age. If you are a man, count yourself lucky that the closest you’ll ever come to having to deal with either of them is hearing about how miserable all of it is from your partner, your mom, or your sister. But for women? Perimenopause, menopause, and all of the weird side effects that can come with them — like hot flashes, in particular — are no joke.]

Sleep Number True Temp Pillows

Sleep Number True Temp Pillows are offered in three styles. Each 37.5 Technology hypoallergic pillow comes with a “cool-to-the touch cover [that] is combined with soft fiberfill and supportive foam for maximum comfort.” The pillow styles offered are:

  • Classic, which looks like a regular pillow and is meant for stomach and back sleepers.
  • As the name implies, Contour has a 5″ contoured shape for neck support during side and back sleeping.
  • Ultimate, which has three removable inserts inside, is listed as great for all sleeping positions. Out of the box, it is a 6″ contour pillow, but you can remove one or both of the 1″ thick flat foam inserts to adjust the height as needed to get your most comfortable sleep.

Steep Number True Temp Pillows

I should mention that if you have never slept on a contoured pillow, the flat side goes on the bed with the “hilly” side facing up. The higher-end of the contoured side is the one that is supposed to go under your neck. This “contour” with the hill under your neck and your head resting in the dip helps keep your neck and spine aligned versus sleeping with your neck at an awkward, downward angle. The pillow’s contours will support your neck and head whether you are lying on your back or your side.

Sleep Number True Temp Pillows come in a reusable zippered fabric case. The pillows have a zippered cover composed of 46% polyethylene, 31% 37.5 Technology polyester, and 23% polyester, with padding made of 80% polyester and 20% 37.5 Technology polyester. They are filled with 100% foam.

You can remove the pillows’ fabric covers for cleaning; Sleep Number recommends that you wash them separately in cold water with a mild detergent, and they can be tumbled dry on low heat. They also say that you should not bleach or iron the pillow covers.

The foam inside the covers can be spot cleaned with warm water and mild detergent and then air-dried at room temperature away from sunlight and heat.

Kev is predominantly a back sleeper, but he does like to roll on his side during the night. Finding pillows that support his neck properly, so he doesn’t wake with it tweaked after sleeping on his side has been almost as important as finding one that supports his neck properly so that he doesn’t snore all night while he’s sleeping on his back. The last pillow he used was so contoured that while it did help with his snoring, he couldn’t comfortably side sleep on it.

I wouldn’t say that the Sleep Number True Temp Contour Pillow has stopped Kev’s snoring completely, but I will say that, surprisingly, it does just as well as the last pillow he used. Since the Sleep Number True Temp Contour Pillow holds Kev’s neck in a way that helps keep him from snoring, it also allows him to sleep comfortably on his side, and because he likes using the contour pillow, I’m calling it a win.

I might roll over and sleep on my back for a little while some nights (if I move at all), but I am predominantly a side sleeper. Finding a firm enough pillow that won’t flatten down after a month or two has been another expensive challenge; as a result, I have gone through a lot of pillows over the years. The last pillow I bought was supposed to be customized just for my needs, but it too eventually became flat, hard, hot, and uncomfortable.

I should mention that waiting to see how the Sleep Number True Temp Pillows did after a couple of months is why this review took so long to complete; I received all of these Sleep Number True Temp products in May, but I wanted to make sure that I had plenty of time with each of them to make sure that the “new” had worn off and they would hold up.

So back to my pillow choice. I opted for the Sleep Number True Temp Ultimate Pillow because you can personalize its height. I really need a pillow to offer some serious thickness to support my chicken neck and bobblehead without going flat on me. My shoulders are broad, and they end 7″ from the base of my neck; a 4″ or 5″ thick pillow that’s going to blow out after a few months isn’t going to cut it.

With that in mind, I opted to leave all of the inserts inside the Ultimate pillow when I started using it, figuring that if it turned out to be too high, I would simply remove and store the extra insert (which is a good reason to keep the fabric storage bag the pillow comes in).  I go back and forth between whether I should keep the pillow at its full 6″ height or remove a layer, but so far the 6″ height has been very comfortable, and the pillow has held up very well.

Because both of our pillows are essentially king-size blocks of foam, they are actually quite heavy when you pick them up. Even so, I only notice their weight when I remove the pillows from our bed on the mornings when it’s my turn to make it.

When we climb into bed after a long day, all Kev and I notice is that our pillows support us where it’s needed for a good night’s rest, and they are cool under our heads all night long. There’s no need to shift around as we sleep, trying to find a higher or cooler spot on these pillows because they simply stay comfortable. That’s really saying something.

Sleep Number True Temp Pillows range in price from $99.99 to $159.99 depending upon the style of pillow you order and whether you want it in Standard or King size. Sleep Number Pillows say on their tags that they are meant to last about two years before they recommend replacing them. We’ll happily pay to replace them when that time comes, and that’s about the highest praise that I can give them.

Sleep Number True Temp Sheet Set

Sleep Number True Temp Sheet Sets are offered in six colors and seven sizes. The sheet sets are made of a blend of 76% cotton, 22% 37.5 Technology polyester, and 2% spandex, and they are a 300-thread-count sateen weave. Each sheet set includes an oversized flat sheet, a fitted sheet (Split King and Split California King sets contain two Twin Long fitted sheets), and two pillowcases.

Even though Kev and I sleep on a Queen size bed, we prefer to use King size pillows; any sheet sets under King size include Standard pillowcases, so that meant having to get an extra set of King pillowcases. This all worked out well, though, because we sleep with six pillows on our bed so we had two extra Standard True Temp pillowcases for our shorter down-filled pillows

What, you mean everyone else doesn’t have the pillow they sleep on and a couple of extra pillows they keep around to hug or stick in between their knees? Don’t judge! :LOL:

Sleep Number True Temp Pillow Cases

Our sheet set is in Pacific Blue; there are five other colors available.

Once again, everything came in a reusable zippered fabric case. The care instructions say that Sleep Number True Temp sheets can be machine washed in the gentle cycle with cold water and mild detergent. Sleep Number says not to use chlorine bleach on them, and the sheets should be tumbled dry on low heat (without a dryer sheet) or line dried. They should be removed from the dryer when they are slightly damp to prevent wrinkles.

I am going to confess something here. For the first month that we slept on these sheets, I washed them several times, but I never paid attention to the care instructions. After I learned how they are supposed to be washed, I stopped using the “Sanitize” setting on my washer and dryer that uses high heat to kill everything. Oops.

Don’t do like I did if you get a set. I can’t tell that it has adversely affected the sheets and pillowcases in any way, but I want them to last a long time!

Sleep Number True Temp Sheet Sets use an ExactFit sheet design that they say “moves with you and retains its shape for a smooth fit across most mattress heights.” Since we have a Sleep Number mattress that is 13″ deep, and these sheets are made for and sold by Sleep Number beds, I knew that that the fitted sheet would be deep enough to work on our bed without a struggle.

When first examining the fitted sheet, I didn’t expect to find an elastic SmartFit strap across the bottom of each mattress corner. I guess I thought that “SmartFit” meant that they would be deep enough for my mattress without extra tugging since I have a Sleep Number bed, after all. Obviously, this was my first set of Sleep Number sheets, much less sheets with this SmartFit feature.

Sleep Number True Temp fitted sheet with SmartFit straps

This design is absolutely brilliant, as it keeps the fitted sheet from inching up your mattress over the week or two that it’s on your bed. You can seriously put the fitted sheet on, and there won’t be any tugging games in the morning on the corners of your fitted sheet when you make it. Those of you who also have a deep mattress will know exactly what I’m talking about.

The Sleep Number True Temp Sheets are “set it, and forget it” until it’s time to wash them. They are easily removed if you reach your hand under the mattress as you remove them and pull the SmartFit elastic strap out as you lift the corners of the fitted sheet.

Sleep Number True Temp fitted sheet on the mattress.

The Sleep Number True Temp sheets aren’t the softest or highest thread count sheets that Kev and I have tried, but they are still quite comfortable. I appreciate that the top sheet is extra w-i-d-e, so there’s plenty of extra sheet length left on each side of the bed at night when you are both under the covers, so no one is going to be complaining about their partner hogging them. It’s the little things. Right?

Detail on Sleep Number True Temp top sheet

Here’s the thing about the Sleep Number True Temp Sheets, though — they do just what they say. While they aren’t the softest or highest thread count sheets I’ve ever used, they are among the most comfortable, and they even come with an unexpected benefit.

If I am bordering into TMI territory again, just roll with it, okay? I am usually fanatical about washing our sheets every week because sometimes they can start to smell a little bit funky after even just a couple of days. It’s summer right now, and even when Kev and I shower shortly before bed, if one of us winds up sleeping hot — which can sometimes lead to night sweats, in case you hadn’t inferred by now — our sheets can have a slight tang, for lack of a better word, the next morning.

I never understood what sleeping hot and getting night sweats could be like until I hit menopause. Even though we always sleep with the AC at 72º F in the summer (we like it cold when we sleep), and in the winter it can get even chillier in our room, I could still wake up in the middle of the night feeling gross and drenched with the covers sticking to me. Once that happens, it’s game over for me to get any more sleep that night (as I mentioned before).

In the months since we started been using the Sleep Number True Temp sheets, neither of us has gotten so hot while we were sleeping that we experienced night sweats even once. Let that sink in for a moment.

It’s summer in Texas; Kev works outside all day, and his temperature at night is regulated well enough with these sheets that he isn’t sweating at all. Even when a hot flash comes on, I don’t get hot enough to sweat under them. When I start feeling a little toasty from an oncoming hot flash, I just dip a foot out from under the covers into our bedroom’s cool air, wait it out, and my body soon regulates.

Again, menopause is no joke, y’all. Hot flashes and the night sweats suuuuuck. These Sleep Number True Temp sheets have really helped me.

Our bedroom is a cool, dark cave — perfect for a good night's sleep.

Our bedroom is a cool, dark cave — perfect for a good night’s sleep.

But perhaps the thing that has most surprised me about the Sleep Number True Temp sheets is that even after two weeks of not being washed (I was doing it for science this review, y’all), they have never had any lingering odors or that sweaty tang I used to notice on our other sheets, which as I mentioned could sometimes happen even just a few days after being freshly washed.

Even after two weeks of nightly use, the Sleep Number True Temp sheets continued to smell good, day after day, even without being freshly laundered! What is this 37.5 Technology sorcery?

Now, I am not suggesting that if you buy these sheets, you should go weeks upon weeks without washing them because no one should lie in the dead skin cells and other nastiness that gets caught in your bedsheets when they aren’t regularly washed. Still, I have a funny story that illustrates how the Sleep Number True Temp sheets don’t hold onto odors…

The day before my “two weeks without washing the sheets” experiment ended, I happened to be the one who made the bed. That evening, Kev was ready to crash before me. I wasn’t really tired yet, so I was sitting on the couch reading a book in the living room when I heard him calling out, asking if I had washed the sheets that day.

Not sure why he would think I had, I just rolled with it and said, “uh-huh.” He said, “I could tell because they smell really good.” I sat there feeling guilty that I had lied to him (I ‘fessed up the next morning as I stripped the bed to wash everything), but it confirmed what I had already noticed. Simply put — Sleep Number True Temp sheets don’t hold onto odors as other sheets will. It’s sorcery, I’m telling you.

Rather than wash the Sleep Number True Temp sheets and replace them with another of our other sets, I have actually waited until these sheets were clean to remake the bed each time because I simply don’t want to sleep with any others. We will need to buy another set of these eventually, though, so I don’t always have to juggle sheet-washing days this way.

Perhaps the only real downside to the Sleep Number True Temp Sheet Sets is that they don’t come in Twin or Full size. If you have a sweaty teen that you think these would be perfect for, hopefully, they are already sleeping on a Queen size mattress.

Sleep Number True Temp Sheet Sets are available in six different colors; they sell for $199.99 to $319.99 depending upon the size ordered. If you need extra pillowcases, they are $39.99 for Standard and $44.99 for King. Get these; even if they aren’t as smooth and slippery as 1000 count sateen, you won’t be sorry. Just remember to wash and dry them properly!

Sleep Number True Temp Weighted Blanket

You’ve probably seen a bunch of ads for weighted blankets in the past couple of years. Maybe you got one, or maybe (like me) you didn’t really think you needed or would use one. Receiving the Sleep Number True Temp Weighted Blanket gave me a quick education on why everyone might enjoy owning and using one.

Sleep Number True Temp Weighted Blanket

Unlike weighted blankets that are large enough to cover an entire bed for two, the 48″ x 70″ Sleep Number True Temp Weighted Blanket is made for one person to use, whether on their side of the bed or when lounging on the couch. This weighted blanket is available in three colors, and it is sold in either a 12-pound or 20-pound version; you are supposed to choose the one closest to 10% of your body weight.

Suddenly, the weighted blanket being made for one person to use instead of being big enough to share makes a lot more sense. I weigh 140 pounds, so I asked for the 12-pound blanket in plum. Kev weighs over 200 pounds, so a 20-pounder would have been the right choice for him. I’d probably feel like I was suffocating under a 20-pound blanket, honestly.

The Sleep Number True Temp Weighted Blanket comes fully assembled, but it actually has two parts. The removable outer cover’s top fabric is 80% Cotton with 20% 37.5 Technology polyester. The bottom fabric and fill of the cover are made of 100% polyester.  The weighted blanket inside the cover has a 100% polyester cover filled with 94% glass beads and 6% polyester. The two parts of the weighted blanket tie together inside the outer cover to keep the inner blanket from shifting.

Before you use the Sleep Number True Temp Weighted Blanket the first time, you’re supposed to remove the cover and wash it separately in cold water with a mild detergent; you shouldn’t use chlorine bleach, fabric softeners, or dryer sheets on it.

If you ever need to clean the inner weighted blanket, you can spot clean it, but you aren’t supposed to bleach, tumble dry or iron it. You can re-fluff it if you want, but the inner blanket has a no-shift channel construction that holds the glass beads and polyester filling evenly distributed and in place.

As does all of the other bedding I’ve discussed, the Sleep Number True Temp Weighted Blanket comes in a reusable, zippered fabric case.

Sleep Number True Temp Weighted Blanket packaging

The first thing I thought as I picked up that fabric case by its handles was, “man, this is heavy! How is this even going to be comfortable?” Oh, I was in for a surprise, let me tell you.

The best way to describe using the Sleep Number True Temp Weighted Blanket is that it is like getting a really great hug. If you feel stressed and anxious or sick, the weight of the blanket feels calming and soothing, just like a delicious hug would. Bear in mind that I have only been using it inside our air-conditioned house during the summer months, usually in the evenings, but because the blanket is so heavy, I expected it to be hot (37.5 Technology fabric notwithstanding). The weighted blanket is warm, but it is not hot. It’s just … nice.

After a long day, sitting on the couch with it wrapped around me quiets me down and makes me feel like everything is okay. Add a glass of wine and a good book on my Kindle app, and I’m in heaven. But that’s not all the Sleep Number True Temp Weighted Blanket is good for.

I was feeling sick with a 24-hour stomach bug not long after getting the weighted blanket; I took it with me to try to take a nap on top of our bed’s comforter because I didn’t feel up to folding back the covers before crawling in bed. I wasn’t thinking that there might be a benefit to napping with a weighted blanket when I didn’t feel well; I had simply replaced the throw we usually keep on our ottoman with the weighted blanket because I liked snuggling in it while watching nightly TV with Kev. It was handy, so I grabbed it.

The weighted blanket soothed me, and I was out like a light in short order. I woke up feeling refreshed, even if my stomach was still wonky. That was pretty a pretty awesome experience because I usually have trouble falling asleep in the middle of the day unless I am utterly exhausted.

Another example: We had our granddaughters staying with us for a week last month, and one of them wasn’t feeling well because she’s susceptible to heat, and playing outside in our hot Texas summer wasn’t helping. She laid on the couch in our cool living room, and I asked if she wanted a blanket to snuggle under. She agreed, so I laid the Sleep Number True Temp Weighted Blanket on top of her, halfway expecting her to say it was too heavy or too hot (she’s 9 and only weighs about 60 pounds).

Instead, she was asleep shortly after I put it on her. I checked on her a couple of times as she slept, and unlike other times when she has overheated outside, I noticed that she wasn’t sweating and didn’t feel overly warm.

Again, 37.5 Technology sorcery at work; I am a fan!

Sleep Number True Temp Weighted Blanket lying on our bed

I can’t guarantee that the Sleep Number True Temp Weighted Blanket is going to change your life or anything, but I can tell you that if you like that comforting and calming feeling that you get when a loved one hugs you, you’ll appreciate it. The fact that it won’t make you feel smothered or make you sweat is a bonus.

The Sleep Number True Temp Weighted Blankets sell for $199.99 in both 12-pound and 20-pound weights.

So that wraps up my experience with the Sleep Number True Temp bedding products. I’ve enjoyed using them so much that I plan on buying another set of Queen sheets, another set of King pillowcases, and I want to add a True Temp Blanket to use instead of our regular comforter in the summer. In the winter, I’ll keep the True Temp Blanket on our bed with the comforter over it. The True Temp Blanket is available in five colors, and it comes in Queen or King for $159.99 and $189.99, respectively.

I should also note that if you don’t have a Sleep Number bed with Temperature Balancing built-in and you’re sleeping well on the mattress that you already have (other than the fact that you or your partner might be sleeping hot), there’s the option of placing a True Temp Mattress Layer on top of your existing mattress to help regulate your sleep temperatures. They come in six sizes, and they range in price from $149.99 to $249.99 depending upon the size ordered.

If staying at a comfortable temperature while you sleep is very important to you, and let’s face it — it should be — you’re going to love Sleep Number True Temp bedding. I was skeptical, but now I am a huge fan; this bedding has literally changed our sleep for the better!

Sleep Number bedding starts at $34.99 and goes up to $429.99 depending upon the item; it is available directly from the manufacturer. Keep an eye on the Sleep Number site, as they often offer sales, and there’s even a bedding planner, which saves you money if you buy multiple True Temp items together.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: The 37.5 Technology in the True Temp products really does help regulate your temperature as you sleep; True Temp bedding does not hold odors (unless a skunk gets in your house — then all bets are off); The True Temp pillows hold up and stay comfortable — even for side sleepers; The weighted blanket made for one is perfect for use on the couch or your bed; Elastic SmartFit straps on the fitted sheets keep them from inching up your mattress during the night; I don’t even want to sleep with any of our other sheets anymore — that says a lot!

What Needs Improvement: Sleep Number True Temp bedding is expensive (I look at it as an investment in a good night’s sleep); You need to pay attention to the care labels before washing; True Temp sheets are not available in Twin or Full size

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