Dell Rolls Out New XPS and 25th Anniversary Alienware Aurora Desktop Computers: Maximum Power for Work and Gaming!

Sure, we’re all fans of laptops that let us work or game anywhere, but when you need to buckle down and get some serious work done or blow off some steam while gaming, nothing beats the power and upgrade potential that you get with a desktop. Dell has two new desktop towers for both work and play with the Dell XPS Desktop and the 25th Anniversary Alienware Aurora!

Dell XPS Desktop

Dell XPS Desktop

Dell’s XPS laptop line is extremely impressive, and the XPS Desktop is bringing that same level of power and professionalism to your workspace. The XPS Desktop sports a 42% larger chassis, up to 12th gen Intel Core i9k processors, NVIDIA or AMD Radeon graphics, and DDR5 memory (which Dell says is 50% faster than DDR4).

The XPS Desktop also has a memory card reader built-in and a Creator Edition for photography, graphic design, and other artistic pursuits. And if aesthetics are your thing, the XPS desktop comes in both Night Sky and Platinum Silver.

All that power and style starts at $919.99 later this fall!

25th Anniversary Alienware Aurora R13/Ryzen R14 Edition

Alienware Aurora

Alienware Aurora R13 Gaming Desktop / Widowmaker ADL (Alder Lake), Dark Chassis and Light Chassis with clear panel, with Cryo-Tech Liquid Cooling and Front Ambient Lighting. Featured here with thermal airflow VFX.

Gaming PCs are in a class by themselves; they need to look good while also providing gaming power, cooling to keep that power from overheating, and the ability to access the innards to upgrade to the latest and greatest components along the way.

Alienware has given this a great deal of thought, and so they’ve laid out the latest Alienware Aurora from inside to outside to make it easier to access and upgrade. In addition, they’re offering a clear side panel and up to eight different light zones.

Alienware Aurora

You won’t have to expect the Alienware Aurora to double as a space heater, since they’re offering up to four fans for better cooling.

Look for the Aurora R13 with Intel processor starting at $1,479.99 and the Ryzen R14 with AMD starting at $1,249.99; they’ll be available October 27th.

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