Perfectly Snug Is Great for Getting a Perfect Night’s Sleep

I reviewed the Perfectly Snug bed topper some months ago and still love it. A thick, breathable mattress topper that is also smart and adjustable, offering heat and coolness to help me get a good night’s sleep. But it was only last week, when I was laid out with a cold, that I learned how truly great the product is.

Perfectly Snug offers different cooling and heating zones so that both of you are comfortable.

The Perfectly Snug looks like most mattress covers.

You simply lay it on the mattress, make the bed over it, and plug the power cords in. After connecting to the Perfectly Snug app, you can control the Perfectly Snug from your mobile device. (In my review, I mentioned that the app has one of the worse interfaces I have ever seen; that, unfortunately, remains the case.)

Perfectly Snug Is Great for Getting a Perfect Night's Sleep

The app lets me set both my and Raina’s sides of the Perfectly Snug individually. That’s great since it means we can each set the topper the way we want it.

I can set what time I want Perfectly Snug to come on at night and when it should automatically shut down in the morning. After that, I can tell the topper how long the “going to sleep stage” should be and what temperature I want it at.

At the end of the startup period, the Perfectly Snug shifts to my preferred “sleep temperature.” Then, the Perfectly Snug can change the temperature again in the morning, so I wake up at the optimal temperature for a good start to the day.

The app even lets you set several weekly schedules. For example, I can have one setting for weekdays and another for weekends.

Perfectly Snug Is Great for Getting a Perfect Night's Sleep

Let me illustrate what I’m speaking about. I have my side of the Perfectly Snug set to turn on at 10:00 pm each evening. For the first two hours, it is set to heat my side of the bed slightly. That way, I always get into a bed that is toasty warm but not overly hot.

Perfectly Snug Is Great for Getting a Perfect Night's Sleep

After two hours, the bed topper enters the second of the three stages and begins to cool me a bit. (After some trial and error, I discovered that I sleep better if the bed is slightly cold.) Finally, an hour before my usual wake-up time of 7:00 am, the topper begins to warm up again, so I awaken to a comfortable temperature.

It works smoothly once the schedule is locked down.

One final benefit is the fact that the Perfectly Snug also has a foot warmer. That stays on all the time and keeps my feet comfortable all night.

Perfectly Snug Is Great for Getting a Perfect Night's Sleep

All of that is reason enough that, were my review sample to stop working, I would buy a new one. But last week, something happened that made me an even bigger fan.

For three days, I was completely laid out with a cold. (I tested multiple times, and while it wasn’t Covid, it didn’t feel like any cold I had ever had.)

From hour to hour, I would move from shivering with chills to sweating profusely and then back to the chills; it was incredibly unpleasant.

Perfectly Snug Is Great for Getting a Perfect Night's Sleep

Fortunately, the Perfectly Snug has override buttons on the side. That meant that when I would get chills, I could manually push the temperature up temporarily until I stopped shivering.

Likewise, it meant that when I would start feeling feverish, I could manually drop the temperature down and let the bed topper help cool me down. It was a miserable three days made slightly less miserable thanks to the Perfectly Snug.

You can learn more and order a Perfectly Snug here; you won’t be sorry!

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    I think I need one of these, very nice to be able to go from heat to cooling at a time that you need it to.

  4. My wife and I have just a plain bed topper and it does a fine job. This one is so much more. It would be great to have this level of control on temperature and times.

  5. This seems very helpful for getting a good night’s sleep. Thanks for the review!

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    sounds great!

  10. I am checking into this product for my husband-mainly because he says I “freeze him out” every night. The foot warmer alone would be perfect for him.

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    Perfectly Snug bed topper seem awesome

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